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European Roadtrip #9 | Eastern Europe | So what did we get up to?

European Roadtrip #9 | Eastern Europe | So what did we get up to?

It’s been an eye opening view into another side of European culture for our girls. Full of new adventures with plenty of new friends met along the way. It’s been full of ‘wide eyed’ stares at the poverty witnessed in Poland or Hungary, yet these are often the places with the warmest of local people… We’ve seen the impressive canals of Venice, climbed the steep cliffs of Split and been staggered by the beauty in Budapest, Vienna or Prague.

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Imagine taking your kids across Eastern Europe? Do you agree that life’s more fun when you spend it enjoying new adventures or experiences. Well we thought that should be the case too. So regardless of how big or small they might be, we thought we’d open our girls eyes by taking them across 13 countries in Central/Eastern Europe over 2months. If you’d like to find all our blog posts for this adventure then click here, but we hope you find plenty of inspiration for your next family holiday or roadtrip from visiting the WW2 Berlin Wall, Prague’s Astronomical ClockTower or Budapest’s thermal baths…. Plus plenty of sun and fun down in Croatia & Italy too…There’s plenty to choose from just check out some of the below

But for those that love the stats behind each of our trips on this European Roadtrip, here goes (all our previous trips information/maps/costs can be found here)

  • 4604 miles travelled
  • 124 hours driven
  • 37 mph average speed
  • £53 cost per day
  • 56 nights
  • 14 Countries Visited (France->Belgium->Germany->Poland->CzechRepublic->Slovakia->Austria->Hungary->Slovenia->Croatia->Bosnia->Italy->Switzerland->Luxembourg)


We’ve now added almost 50 European Cities to our experiences across Europe, and perhaps some of these latest ones will go down as contenders for the best we’ve seen across Europe. More can be found on each by clicking each image, or check out all 50 cities here

New Cities this trip included : Austria (Vienna), Hungary (Budapest), Germany (Cologne, Berlin), Croatia (Split), Italy (Venice), Czech Republic (Prague)


For those who regularly follow our travels, you’ll know just how much the girls love finding new adventures to add to their experiences so far that include indoor sky diving, white water rafting, snorkelling, surfing or climbing.… So here’s just 3 of the new adventures we found in Leg 9  of our European Family Adventure… If you fancy finding out what we thought about our experiences walking across a shark tank in Copenhagen or Bobsleghing in Norway, then click here for more than 50+ Family Adventures from across all of our trips.
NEW ‘LIFEINOURVAN’ ARTICLES – In between the island hopping adventures in Croatia, or the visits to historic cities… we even grabbed the chance to try and write down  a few ideas to share with any other families who might be considering creating their own adventures.


I NTERESTING EXPERIENCES ENROUTE – It’s been a trip full of the unusual… from Cologne’s enormous bell tower to visiting the site of the ‘Pied Piper of Hameln‘…. or luxuriating in the thermal baths of Hungary to visiting the astrological clock of Prague… We even found time to celebrate Holland’s ‘Kings Day’ on the way back home!
F AMILY CAMPSITE RECOMMENDATIONS – We’ve been fortunate to have found some brilliant places on our travels through Croatia in particular… staying at both Camping Adriatic and Leading Campings sites… with perhaps these below campsites being worthy of special mention….. but there’s plenty more to be added to our growing ‘Places to Stay across Europe‘ page!
N EW ‘LIFEINOURVAN’ VIDEOS – Our video cameras have been in action throughout this trip, as has the Nextbase dash cam… but this trip has even seen our normal videos added to with drone footage from new friends ‘Aussies on Tour‘ As before, all our videos can be seen here or on our YouTube channel


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