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Product Review | Adria 670 SL Motorhome (Silver Collection)

Do you sometimes stare at the latest motorhomes with envy? We certainly did… and as each one passed us by, we delved a little deeper into our pockets to see if we could fund one. The end result an Adria 670SL Silver Collection. So here’s a view on how it’s performed after 70,000 kms across 30+ European Countries.

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Are we happy with the one we have chosen? Absolutely! Do we still stare at others? Not in the same way, it’s now been replaced with “Our Adria can do…. I wonder if their’s can do…”. 

So here’s our families  LifeinourVan’s long term review of our Adria 670 SL (Silver) 130bhp 2.2 diesel motorhome.



As a family living full-time for 30+months across 30+ European countries, we focused on the quality of design which was of key importance. Plus would we be confident it would fit all of our varied needs. Driven from snow to sun and from mountain to fjord, we simply can’t fault it on both aspects.


Clearly designed to make people stare. Robust enough for a young family (plus enough places to charge the various electronic gizmos that litter the van!)However the real key was the ergonomic, well laid out, functional design. Nothing has broken that couldn’t be easily fixed, the van still has the same ‘showroom’ feel despite the miles travelled – it has certainly stood up to the test! It just works for our family! The girls have their own space in their bedroom, whilst we can comfortably  gather as a family in the living area for board games or meals.


Our motorhome has endured a range of temperatures from -15deg to over 31deg and never struggled.  The ambient heating makes it easy to maintain a comfortable winter temperature and use the many window / roof vents to cool it down under the Sicilian sun….


Do you look at prices and wonder if you are getting value for money. We certainly did… But after 8,500 miles around Europe from peak to sea, we’d have no issues in recommending the Adria Matrix to any new (or existing) motorhomers (NB – and recommended again after 28,000 and 41,000 miles!!)


Top 10 Positives

1.  Heating System (ambient heating air flow really works!)
2. Comfort, Light & Airy Colour Scheme (interior/exterior)
3. 4 Bikes & under 3500kg Payload (tight but with 4 bikes)
4. Ambient Lighting (perfect for relaxing into evening!)
​5. Bathroom (separate shower/toilet becomes one room)
6. Back Bedroom (Girls) – (spacious+full blackout blinds)
7. Storage Space -(well located storage in/under living space)
​8. Drop Down bed (perfectly usable for 2 adults long term)
9. Drivability & Visibility (Girls can enjoy journey fully)
9. Ergonomic Design -(all just seems to work, never cramped)

5 Small Negatives

1. Plugs in shower are too small and easily clog
2. Drop down bed prone to fusing  – can be rectified by dealer
3. Bin is very difficult to empty due to lid
4. Slightly underpowered at 130bhp yet payload is tight at 3500kg so not necessary to upgrade unless replating
5. Takes time to get hot water/shower settings right (4 people)

Best Additions

1. Gaslow (refillable LPG across Europe)
2. Truma iNet (remote access to heating/hot water)
3. DiamondBrite Protection (interior/exterior)
4. Secure Bike Bar/Garage (4 bikes able to be taken)
5. ColourWorks (Bright, sharp coloured crockery/cutlery)
6. Cushions (sense of home from home via Granny!)
7. Sat Nav (Co-Pilot – motorhome specific app)
8. Helinox Chairs (helps payload due to minimal weight)
9. Solar Panel (enhanced wild camping ability via SunStore)
10. Duvalay Sleeping Bag (fantastic bedding addition)


Do you get frustrated with companies doing some things very well, and then ruining it with poorly made cheaper items. The same hasn’t been true for us….. the Adria Matrix has felt well screwed together from start to finish with limited travel rattles. Enhanced further by the numerous extras found on this 50th anniversary model such as the silver/black styling, leather interior and fantastic radio/bluetooth system

The Rivals that we considered when Buying…. Our search for the perfect van for us had taken us through the ‘A Class’ to Coachbuilt options and back again to  a semi integrated. The exterior looks of the van make it stand out in a blanket of white vans, whilst the comfortable  & spacious living area was every bit as good as competing A Class.

Reinforced by the people who regularly pop their heads in to offer positive comments as we have toured across Europe.. they’ve liked the touchscreen panel, ease of access via the lack of stepped entry, the fully lined garage (invaluable!), the double floor for insulation and the 5th seat option

Drivability and Visibility have been excellent. As the clip (on left) shows, we have tested it to it’s limit… staying in a volcanic crater in Naples, climbing to the top of mountains in the Alps, wild camping on beaches in Sicily, sleeping at ski resorts in Scotland…. it really has been everywhere and never missed a beat! The visibility is excellent which gives confidence to try the next challenging road. That said, its still 7.3m long so it’s not been without incident (as mentioned in our Salerno blog!)

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Ever wanted to pack your bags, just jump in a motorhome and go off and explore Europe as a family? Well, that’s exactly what my family has done since September 2015. Visiting 35 European countries, travelling over 54,000 miles and grabbing over 450 family experiences on the way… enjoying Bobsleigh in Norway, Climbing into Mt Etna in Sicily or Kayaking the River Dordogne.

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