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Inspired by Nazaré & it’s winter sun

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Imagine holidays in Nazarre spent jumping into the vast pool for yet another splash around with the kids or evenings enjoying the numerous activities/shows on offer for all ages at Natur Park (ValeParaiso).  All in an idyllic setting amongst pine trees and flowers….. the perfect recipe for some rest and relaxation!!

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Having enjoyed our first day/night at Natur Park (ValeParaiso) we’ve decided to halt the horses and stay an extra day… maybe it was the lure of the campsite’s facilities and a chance to expend some energy in the many sports facilities (sadly no pool but this aerial pic makes us want to return next summer!) or maybe it was the extraordinary amount of places to visit within 30-60mins …
H​aving enjoyed recent visits to some cultural highlights at Tomar and Batalha, we opted to see what the coastline south of Nazaré might hold for us.. always looking for scenic drives to add to our page, we’d certainly recommend the drive from Nazaré to Sao Martinho do Porto. As we mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, this whole area reminds us a little of Ile de Re in France but also of the area between Carcassonne and Nice (around the Camargue).. the vegetation, sandy slopes everywhere and the unbroken sunshine… still hot enough to hit the beach in early December… so we thought we ought to test it out!
Following the road along the coast after the N242, we headed south towards the promise of beaches that would make a grown surfer cry! And the waves from on top of the hills were almost as spectacular as they were when we eventually made it to the beach!


Every region should have Something special

For those that follow us regularly, you’ll know that Libby has taken to gymnastics over the course of the year, and her constant attempts to tumble / cartwheel and vault are becoming part of everyday life… which is great to see her finding something to enjoy after Lottie has opted for her favourite in travel photography. We’d hoped that both girls would find something that they were genuinely passionate about  if they were given the freedom to find it, chose it and then develop it…
Although they’ve still completed plenty of work each day (see our Educational Explorers Page) across the past 400 days, there really has been plenty of time together with them to develop these new hobbies.. something we’ll always be very grateful for the chance to offer both girls!



so where did we park the bus for the night?

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