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LifeinourVan Kids | Top 5 British Castles

LifeinourVan Kids | Top 5 British Castles

Dunnottar Castle, Scotland

Dunnottar Castle, Scotland

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Alnwick Castle, England

Alnwick Castle, England

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Pembroke Castle, Wales

Pembroke Castle, Wales

Castle are places were history is born.  When I go to a castle I want to find out more, be an explorer and fill up with knowledge and tell people about it.  I sometimes wonder what life would be like in a massive castle, would you get lost in the many rooms?  What was the food like? Oh the list is just endless!  We have visited so many castles in our trip so here are my top five castles enjoy!



Dunnottar Castle is on the coast.  It held out against Oliver Cromwell’s army and protected the Scottish Crown Jewels during the siege the which lasted eight months. Many kings visited such as King Charles ll  of England.



Eilean Donan Castle (Scotland) is the first fortified structure .  It is a medieval castle and played a role in the Jacobite rising in the 17th and 18th century.  The name means the island of Donan and was probably named after the Irish saint, Bishop Donan



Alnwick Castle (England) is great for kids because has so much fun stuff to do as it’s linked to Harry Potter. They have themed weekend like the one we visited, including broom stick training, water fountains to play in and a dragon quest. It belongs to the Percy family.



Edinburgh Castle holds the stone of destiny which is a symbol of the Scottish monarchy. The legend says it was the pillow that Jacob slept on when he dreamed of Jacob’s ladder. It also holds the Scottish Crown Jewels.



Pembroke Castle (Wales) has a gigantic map of castles and cathedrals. It is the birth place of King Henry the Vll. The castle was a buffer zone between the English and the Welsh. There is a massive cave underneath the castle which they used for storing and cooling wine.

I hope this has inspired you to visit more castles and historical places. You will never know every thing about you and about life but you can try to learn more by going to castles, stately homes , churches and museums.

Life is a mystery what will come next is soon to be history. That is a statement that I made up because it is true – life is a mystery!

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