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Considering Family Motorhoming In France : Just Don’t Miss Out On the ‘Les Alicourts Resort’ in the Loire Valley!

Considering Family Motorhoming In France : Just Don’t Miss Out On the ‘Les Alicourts Resort’ in the Loire Valley!Score 88%Score 88%

If you’re new to motorhoming then we’d recommend you head for the Loire Valley and some of France’s most idyllic scenery. But if you’d like a campsite fit for adults and children alike… then look no further than one of France’s most prestigious ‘5 star’ campsites at Les Alicourts in the Loire Valley.

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As the summer holiday draws ever nearer, we know this will be the ‘now or never’ moment for some families who are contemplating taking a chance and looking for some last minute inspiration. As we reckon we might be getting towards the stage where we can call ourselves ‘experienced campers’ after visiting over 400 campsites in the past 2 years! Here’s one place we’d definitely recommend to any motorhoming families visiting France.


So why would we recommend Les Alicourts in France?


Well, once you’ve visited one of the captivating chateaus, kayaked it’s rivers, cycled it’s forests or cycle paths…. All under acres of blue sky and beside the scenic Loire’s sandy riverbanks….. Maybe like us, you’ll have fallen in love with this family paradise (only 5hrs from Calais)

But ‘Les Alicourts’ Holiday Resort really does have something for everyone from impressive swimming lakes, amazing animation team, ‘all ages’ aqua park to beautiful boutique spa and restaurants. It’s no surprise that it makes it into one of the select Leading Campings sites. It really is the perfect place to explore the Loire, apparently one of the top European destinations in 2018 according to this article.

For those that will have seen our Sea Cliff Jumping/Kayaking in Croatia or our adventure antics in Norway’s adventure capital at Voss…. You’ll know that we encourage our girls to embrace a little adventure where possible… and this resort certainly offers plenty of opportunities! The ‘Les Alicourt Resort’ is centred around the sandy beaches that form the border between the natural lake and the tropical themed aqua park (covered and uncovered pools). So any water based activity you care to mention is probably available….

From learning to water ski (on the motorised line), to SUP or kayaking, swimming or fishing… there’s plenty for all abilities. Equally enjoyable for adults & children… it’s probably worth mentioning that you need to be able to cope with swimming to undertake any lake based adventure… But if you fancy finding out about some wider European Adventures we’ve found then here’s a few which might be worth a visit???

les alicourts resort

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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