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Roadtrip #4 (Scandinavia) – Overview

Roadtrip #4

(Scandinavian Summer)

Ever wanted to pack your bags, just jump in a motorhome and go off and explore Europe as a family? Well, that’s exactly what we (Catherine, Richard, Lottie & Libby) have done since September 2015.

A normal family just on an extra-ordinary adventure, so here’s the 4th part as we travel northwards through Belgium, Holland, Germany into Denmark, Norway & Sweden)

Long story short

How did it all start….

We’re just a normal family of 4 (& a dog) but when kayaking the Dordogne in July 2015, a switch just flipped! Life’s too short, we needed to ‘live’ not ‘exist’ So we’ve taken up a ‘once in a lifetime’ family opportunity!

So here’s the first steps onto a roadtrip adventure that’s now over 700+ days old and includes visits to over 30+ European Countries….

INTERACTIVE ROUTEMAP (scandinavian summer)

Route Overview

Miles Covered

Hours Driven

Days On Road

Cost Per Day (4 people)

Could you do it with your family?

Picture this. All your belongings safely stowed in the back of your motorhome. Imagine you sitting in the drivers seat, with the kids in the back, ready and raring to go for yet another family adventure in your trusty motorhome. The chance to discover amazing people, places, food and adventures across Europe. All for under £48/day (average in 2017) or £17,000/year.

Use our experiences to Help You

Hopefully you’ll find plenty to inspire and help you on your journey, but please shout if we can ever be of help… just drop us a line and we’ll get back as soon as we can get wifi signal!!!

We hope you enjoy these Route Specific Blog Posts below  but if you have a Question, we'd be happy to help you 

LifeinourVan City Reviews | Brussels | Belgium

Brussels in Belgium Things we did in Brussels, Belgium What we liked about it here's just a few ideas.... What's our main tip for families? Access to the city is best via the fantastic tram system. If you have younger children, why not head for the Mini Europe...

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LifeinourVan City Reviews | Stockholm | Sweden

Today, we shunned some opportunities to take the girls to some of Stockholm's premier attractions, as we focused on seeing if we could enjoy one of Europe's most expensive capital cities... with just £30 in our pockets... an exercise in seeing what can be enjoyed...

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LifeinourVan City Reviews | Copenhagen | Denmark

Copenhagen in Denmark Things we did in Copenhagen, Denmark What we liked about it here's just a few ideas.... ​If you can either hire or grab your own bikes and explore this amazing city on two wheel... The city is truly made for bikes (bike lanes and even bike...

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LifeinourVan City Reviews | Oslo | Norway

Oslo in Norway Things we did in Oslo, Norway What we liked about it here's just a few ideas.... If in doubt, head for the harbour to begin your tour of Oslo. Oslo's main 5 museums are located on the pretty island of Bygdøy but first wander the palace gardens nearby &...

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Campsite Review | Bratlands | Bergen | Norway

thinking of a visit to  Bratlands? Use our first hand experience to help make your stay even more special... Things we did at Bratlands near Bergen, Norway What we liked about it here's just a few ideas.... Great lakeside locations and plenty of towering...

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LifeinourVan City Review | Bergen | Norway

bergen in Norway Things we did in Bergen, Norway What we liked about it here's just a few ideas.... It would be hard to find as idyllic a city across the entirety of Europe... it's location amongst the small Norwegian islands at the foot of the fjords is unmissable....

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Baked in Bergen……

Bergen has made quite an impression on all of us... Starting with the superbly efficient public transport from our campsite in Bratlands (Bus - 90, then Tram at Nesttun into centre), which was a perfect start on what was a baking hot day for Bergen -...

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Descending southwards through Denmark

Sadly only time for a very, very short update to our site as we head south from Copenhagen towards the UK (via Brussels).... Its a full 1500km to London and we've got 2 days to do it!!!! So it's a case of strapping ourselves into the seats and heading...

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Appreciating European Heritage in Brussels….

On a day when 52% of England voted to conclude their long standing links with the European Union we remain fully committed in ensuring our young daughters do not share this insular point of view.... We fully intend to bring up our daughters as outward looking global...

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Family Adventures at Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens is far more than initially meets the eye.... yes it has a grand entrance close to the city centre, but it is very much like Pandora's Box... doors/paths just keep opening up to yet more treasures! rabbing the  bikes for yet another...

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Ever wanted to pack your bags, just jump in a motorhome and go off and explore Europe as a family? Well, that’s exactly what my family has done since September 2015. Visiting 35 European countries, travelling over 54,000 miles and grabbing over 450 family experiences on the way… enjoying Bobsleigh in Norway, Climbing into Mt Etna in Sicily or Kayaking the River Dordogne.

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