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Aarhus to Limfjorden, before a ferry to Norway!

Aarhus to Limfjorden, before a ferry to Norway!

After a stunning start to Denmark in Ribes, we approached the rest of the journey with trepidation… would it match the fantastic first impression of Denmark and Jutland. With Copenhagen planned for the return leg from Sweden, could the lesser known parts of Denmark match the expectations…

Well it’s safe to say that they not only matched, but exceeded the expectations!!!

The drive from Jutland to Aarhus was completed late last night, so the marina was surrounded by the falling dusk… although a simple aire in a marina, it was perfect for us… good free wifi, lovely views of the ocean and decent facilities!!

When morning broke, the relentless rain lifted briefly to allow a stunning view of the glass-like waters of the marina with the lifting clouds behind… a photo which will surely make our end of year album!

With the weather getting better by the kilometre, we headed north to Viborg and the start of the ancient fjord (Limfjorden)… the route was again lined with amazing cycle paths (some with their own bridge over lakes!) and wonderful scenery that changed from azalea laden tree lined fields into wide expanses of grassy wetlands…

The wildlife was a constant source of amazement for both girls, sending them scurrying to find their guidebooks and cameras…

A picnic by the lakes near Thisted was a welcome rest, before we headed onto the nature reserve on the way towards our ferry at Hirtshals.

The sun finally broke through to allow a wonderful view of the ‘QuickSand’ outside the port…. the impressive Fjordline MS Bergensfjord lay waiting in the harbour…. equally impressive on the inside, we can’t wait to enjoy the views to Bergen tomorrow morning… should be a stand out highlight of the trip so far!!!

​Might just match the wonderful few days we have spent in Denmark!!


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