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Motorhoming in Croatia | Highway 8 | A Top 10 ‘Scenic Drive in Europe’

Motorhoming in Croatia | Highway 8 | A Top 10 ‘Scenic Drive in Europe’

Experiencing Europe by motorhome, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite driving routes (click here) So as we meandered southwards enroute to another visit to Camping Šimuni, we spent the journey south discussing which routes could possibly better ‘Highway 8 (E65)’ alongside the Croatia Dalmatian Coastline.

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So if you also love gripping the steering wheel that little tighter as you enjoy some stunning natural coastal scenery, you’d love this blockbuster drive. Taking you past sleepy seaside forts, ‘picture perfect’ islands, national parks teeming with wildlife or long stretches of isolated bays/headlands where your feet are the only ones in the crystal clear waters. It’s worth grabbing some dash cam footage from …
If you fancy seeing a little more then, check out the dash cam videos of some of our ‘Top Scenic Drives’ across Europe (bottom of page). Or if you want to read more, click on any of these below to see the full blog post :-

(Top Tip – If you’re considering a road trip too? It’s well worth grabbing some dash cam footage (We used a Nextbase 512G which has worked brilliantly all trip)

which roadtrip routes are truly special?

Croatia’s stunning coastal road is often compared to California’s famous Hwy. 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It’s a hidden gem, whether it’s island hopping or basking in the sun along the main coastline it’s the perfect destination for a summer roadtrip. A phenomenally scenic road which hugs the Adriatic coastline from Krk to Pag (in fact it goes all the way south to Dubrovnik too). Never more than a mile from the shoreline, it offers amazing secluded coves for family picnics (Our Tip – try exiting Crikvinica and keep an eye out for the almost hidden track on the right down to this small cove)


what about  Northern Europe?

There simply can’t be many better natural views than Geirangerfjord in late Spring / early Summer… the green carpeted valley stretching out to the glacial blue fjord…. all overlooked by imperious snow capped peaks. Following the gloriously wild National Tourist route to Geirangerfjord, we passed rivers in full flow with white water that matched anything we have seen in Norway. Past icy lakes complete with full icebergs or mountain passes followed by tight hairpin bends from Dalsnibba to Geirangerfjord. With views at every corner it was a truly breathtaking journey that we’d highly recommend!! (Our Tip – Try approaching from the south east over Dalsnibba, be prepared to stop on the left (midway down) as you descend for the best views)



what about something close to the UK?

Taking Napoleon’s famous route south towards Cannes.. the cyclists love this route and its easy to see why… through villages such as Serres with it’s mighty, imposing castle. Onto Sisteron, before heading up the various Cols (Col de Leunve)… Into Haute Provence towards Castellane and Col de Valferriere, before leaving perhaps the best climb to the last (Cole de la Faye). Near vertical drops as the soil gives way to craggy rocks and arches galore!!! It was almost lunar in its appearance!!! Having crested this, you drop in over Cannes and the rest of the Mediterranean Sea. (Our Tip – Try stopping off for the detour through the Gorge du Verdon, you won’t regret reaching the viewpoint for your picnic lunch enroute to Cannes))




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