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LifeinourVan City Reviews | Stockholm | Sweden

LifeinourVan City Reviews | Stockholm | SwedenScore 77%Score 77%

Today, we shunned some opportunities to take the girls to some of Stockholm‘s premier attractions, as we focused on seeing if we could enjoy one of Europe’s most expensive capital cities… with just £30 in our pockets… an exercise in seeing what can be enjoyed without the need to spend obscene amounts of money.

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Other tourists have proved it was more than possible, and with the girls enjoying so many trips recently…. it was a great reminder of what is important when visiting a city.

Firstly, to see how the city really works… away from the bustling touristic centres of activity or the carefully manicured areas that you often get pushed into seeing. Nothing is worse than seeing a false image of a city, it just frustrates!!

Secondly, we wanted to get a feeling of how it might feel to live in the city… our journey is all about comparisons… is Stockholm more friendly than Bergen, does Seville have more culture than Florence….

Thirdly, what makes the people tick…. are they all hustle and bustle like the residents of Naples, or are they as laid back as the people of Andalusia… what would we think about those who choose to live here?

Finally, what do you really need to have a fun, enjoyable day out….. does it have to be expensive, do you need to be up at the crack of dawn to enjoy the place or get your money’s worth….


Every city should have Something special

So with those thoughts in our minds we set off into Stockholm from the crowded Angby campsite… not one for the purists but only 500m from the metro into the centre (£8). Stockholm’s main station sits astride a busy concourse that was flanked by ‘tastes of the world’ outdoor kitchens – Australian BBQ, French Crepes, Dutch Waffles… the national stereotypes kept coming…. an inauspicious sta


Thankfully Stockholm only ever improved from that first impression…. so we headed into the tourist office (great, friendly staff) and picked up information on any free museums,tours. There were plenty, in fact we could have chosen…. free guided walks, museums and open parks (full of life/activity)

As Stockholm opens out towards the archipelago islands near Skane and the old town (Gamla Stan)… it gradually becomes the city we thought it might be…. it had a fresh, clean feeling with smartly dressed people everywhere…. The walks were beginning to take their toll on the girls so we enjoyed the harbour for an hour or so (make sure you pack your own water… eye wateringly expensive!) Once rested we set off for the ‘IceBreaker’ museum… a chance to see some more maritime history for the girls after our recent trip to Oslo. Brilliant place and worth every minute, Girls loved having the run of the ship!

A city for kids? Don’t worry Stockholm is fantastic…

Pausing briefly to look at the Aquaria, Gronaland (amusement park), Junibacken (of Pippi Longstockings fame)…. we considered a visit but eventually decided to head into the old city (but not before enjoying seeing some wonderful geese/ducklings enjoying the early summer sun)

The old city certainly lived up to its billing as a place worthy of a visit – especially via water on the frequent ferry (£6).

As both girls enjoyed some of the local food on offer (£7) at a nearby bakery, we worked out a plan of action…. firstly the colourful streets and square of Stortorget, then the Nobel Museum, then Royal Palace and Parliament… that should keep us busy!

With both girls enjoying the frequent chance to rest and view the wonderful architecture… at times similar to both Bergen but also with some Austrian Tyroltoo….We’d soon worked our way through the maze of streets and onto the bridge that connect the small island to the main part of Stockholm… Time to spend some time in one of the large open gardens that Stockholm is famed for!!! (Kungstradgarden)

Before heading back onto the metro (£8) to Angby. Did we miss the kayaking chance, or the Junibacken visit or the GoBoat experience… probably! But in truth we had one of those glorious family days that make this trip so worthwhile… All for less than £30… although we might need to find a shoe repairer after the amount of walking we did today!!!


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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