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Family Adventures at Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

Family Adventures at Tivoli Gardens, CopenhagenScore 86%Score 86%

Tivoli Gardens is far more than initially meets the eye…. yes it has a grand entrance close to the city centre, but it is very much like Pandora’s Box… doors/paths just keep opening up to yet more treasures!

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Grabbing the  bikes for yet another day into Copenhagen courtesy of Tivoli Gardens. It is striking just how brilliantly devised their cycle paths are – it really does take the pressure off finding somewhere to park or even the cost of public transport. All important when trying to tour around all 42 European countries with a family on a budget.
Quite amazingly, we saw the Queen of Norway in Bergen, and apparently Tivoli Gardens is that good… it gets regular visits from royalty (like tonight!). Queen Margarethe has even played a key role in designing parts of the set/costumes of the wonderfully entertaining shows that can be enjoyed across the park’s theatres.

Live theatre & music

The girls watched with growing fascination to the story about a fortune teller (Spåkvinden) at the Peacock Theatre… followed by live jazz music at one of the outside stages… music to perfectly match the idyllic gardens that Tivoli is famed for….

Traditional and Modern

Amusement Rides

Just be prepared to bring your adventurous side as some of the rides in the amusement park are clearly made for thrill seekers!!!


With both girls revelling in the chance to jump on a rollercoaster (on their own) for the first time… it reminded us of our days in Disney’s theme parks… great family fun with lots of genuine laughter…

The rollercoasters are pretty accessible to most heights and there appears to be something for everyone… For those who don’t like rides, there are plenty of stalls to win some soft, cuddly toys.

Food is plentiful, restaurants looked very full but having eaten beforehand…. candy floss was the order of the day as we exited after a great day’s family entertainment

Need a map to help you?

tivoli gardens

so where did we park the bus for the night?

our top tips to help you?

Top tip number 1 If you have children leave plenty of time for them to enjoy the excellent free adventure playground and amusements.

Top tip number 2– To save money on entrance and attraction tickets book online before you go. If you are planning to go on numerous rides then the unlimited ride ticket will save you money as the cost of the individual rides will too add up.

Top Tip Number 3– If you are planning to leave the park and return later in the day then make sure you leave through the Tivoli Food Hall and receive a re-entry stamp from the Tivoli guard.

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