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Baked in Bergen……

Baked in Bergen……

Bergen has made quite an impression on all of us…

Starting with the superbly efficient public transport from our campsite in Bratlands (Bus – 90, then Tram at Nesttun into centre), which was a perfect start on what was a baking hot day for Bergen – untypical by all accounts but very welcome!

Having viewed the beautiful garden in front of the main square in Bergen near Grieg’s statue (Byparken)… we headed into town as both girls have a certain fondness for brass bands (their Godmother’s doing…) and a chance to see the Queen of Norway welcomed into the city centre!!! An amazing opportunity to make it a memorable day for both girls as they saw young children of similar ages performing for their queen… a seed has been sewn, they will be wanting lessons on our return to the UK!

Bergen, Norway

So after this brilliant start, we ventured towards the fish market but before we had covered 200m, we found ourselves in the thick of the opening of the Bergen International Festival – a 2 week extravaganza of art/music and culture – just brilliant and a great gear shift from the normal adventure seeking that we do! Aptly focused on a ‘festival across barriers’ – something to ponder!

But after an hour or so, we headed towards the meet point for the Ulriken Cable Car. This proved to be an amazing adventure and one that hopefully others will enjoy too.

After returning from the top of the mountain, we headed into the vibrant fish market, with king crabs, monkfish (with gaping jaws) and more fresh fish than you could imagine!!! Leaving the smell of the ocean behind us, we headed towards the older parts of Bergen, the real wharf atmosphere of the Bryggen. This place is steeped in history from the very start of Bergen and is a must-see… with old merchant trading posts and authentic wooden boarding everywhere.. it really conjures up some amazing images of yesteryear.

Following the Bryggen and its old churches (at the back) and artwork (the sea serpent), we ventured further up the harbour to see the naval ships docking and some of the tall ships leaving the harbour. We paused briefly to chat to the friendly folk in the state of the art tourist offices, a great place to start any adventure in Bergen!! before heading back via tram&bus to Bratlands.

Bergen has so much to offer, we simply can’t wait to return tomorrow… hopefully we will find even more things to do and see

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