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Algarve | Discovering Europe’s best beaches!

Algarve | Discovering Europe’s best beaches!

So does the Algarve have the best beaches in Europe? Having just written an article on our 5 favourite ‘hidden gems’ of coastlines, they say that Portugal has the best beach in the world, that’s if you believe the Huffington Post who recently wrote about it…and it’s easy to see why!

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So whilst it’s easy to see why the Ponta da Piedade has all that anyone might need, spare a thought for  Praia da Luz as you won’t regret an afternoon enjoying the crystal clear waters, endless golden sands or the stunning ochre red clips that overshadow this quaint Algarve seaside village.
But as any parents knows, the beach needs to fit the needs of the people using it… so both of the girls and their new friends (the Banks Family ) set about exploring this beautiful beach (near to Lagos)… jumping in and out of the sea, snorkelling and even finding time to grab a quick ice cream on the beach
So whilst the lure Ponta da Piedade will have to wait until another day, the kids loved every moment of sprinting across the achingly beautiful sands towards the warm sea (for this time of year)… but the short, if hilly bike ride meant a quick withdrawal from the beach as the sun started to set on the stunning cliffs that overlook Praia da Luz…. so with the sun setting and casting beautiful shadows across the bay, we made our way back to Turiscampo and our site for the night.

The campsite had yet again proved a real hit with all the kids as they flew around the campsite on their bikes, ducking and weaving amounts the palm thronged roads that lie around the centre piece… a lagoon style pool (complete with well being centre) that sits astride a rock with waterfalls cascading from it… it really is a perfect place to grab some respite on a ‘Round Europe Roadtrip’


For those visiting the region, you’d do a lot worse than to grab some time here.. its quiet and peaceful and offers a great package that the long term residents seem to love… the girls loved chatting to some of them whilst squeezing fresh orange juice this morning… it seems a perfect place to park up and enjoy a few days rest ‘n ‘relaxation before we head north through Portugal!!


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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