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Algarve | Encouraging scientific discovery at Lagos Science Centre.

Algarve | Encouraging scientific discovery at Lagos Science Centre.Score 0%Score 0%
Mention needing to ‘Learn about Science’ and you might ordinarily think of places like the Science Museum in London, Deutsches Museum, Munich or even the CosmoCaixa in Barcelona… but as we reckon this will be one of the most important aspect of our road schooling curriculum, we take each and every chance to grab some interactive science exploration with our girls. Such as an afternoon at Lagos’s Science Centre (even sharing this with the Banks Family too)
Ever since the girls disappeared down the amazing mining expedition at the Deutsches Museum earlier this year, they’ve been hooked on Science… we’ve had great fun making video blogs about Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions, explored ‘Green Energy Sources‘ or ‘Salty Solutions‘! So imagine finding a place where science is fun with hands-on learning & interactive exhibitions available for people of all ages…. across 3 levels and including a Discovery Garden.
But then go one step further… a brilliantly interactive ‘yellow submarine’ to explore all aspects of man’s exploration into the depths of the ocean since Jacques-Yves Cousteau invented the ‘Diving Saucer’ in 1959… or learning to tie knots that would make a hearty sea-man beam with pride!!!

Learning by doing

The varying levels across the Science Centre offered challenges for both the brain and your brawn…. try building your own working lighthouse (complete with mirror aligned solar power to light the main beam!) or an opportunity to rediscover the Archimedes Screw that we found on the Stubai Glacier in Austria


​Nothing beats the opportunity to share these learning experiences which we value so much… even if we did get a little wet on the wave refraction pool!

Learning is Best Shared with Friends

Perhaps a new element was introduced today, with both girls now accompanied by two fantastic ‘new friends’ who enjoyed sharing the learning experience with us… in fact they positively ran through the centre, so much so that we had to do two full circuits to ensure we covered everything from map projections to learning semaphore signalling or Morse code!
Sadly it was over too quickly, but it’s easy to find in Lagos town centre (near the historic centre) and offers amazing views across Lagos Harbour… so we’ll know where to find it when we come back again… perhaps we’ll give it more than 2hrs next time as it really is a brilliant place for children of Lottie & Libby’s age!
With dusk falling and the harbour graced with a stunning rainbow against the gathering storm clouds… we headed into Lagos to see what we could find… and you’d never guess it, but we ended up finding an Ale-Hop shop (the first we’ve seen since we visited Valencia a while back)… so a few euros poorer but with two smiling girls, we walked onwards (now with resplendent pink neon head scarves!!!) into the centre to try and find some of those tasty egg tart / pastries that Portugal is famous for – ‘Pastéis de Nata

So where better to finish than to let the girls tell you their thoughts?

I love rowing ever since I did a Rowathon when I was 6 so learning about forces and rowing was cool. The submarine was the best place to play together but i also loved learning Semaphore too

Lottie's Thoughts

Totally Awesome! My two favourites were finding the secret key to the pirates chest and operating the periscope and depth reader in the submarine! When can we go back Daddy!

Libby's Thoughts

science museum lagos

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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