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Motorhoming in Sicily | Spring is The Perfect time to Visit Sicily

Motorhoming in Sicily | Spring is The Perfect time to Visit Sicily

If you’re looking for where to stay on a scorching hot spring day in Sicily, look no further than the Camping Rais Gerbi campsitesite…Jjust jump on in to find out plenty of tips, advice and first hand experiences from our family motorhoming adventure across Sicily.

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So we’re often asked by readers, just what exactly makes up the average day in the motorhome on a campsite… so with the first rays of spring sunshine flooding across Southern Europe… we thought we’d let you all in a typical day at a campsite
As the campsite comes out high on ratings, we’d headed north after entering Sicily and it’s easy to see why!!! Again the discount ACSI card came up trumps with a cost of 19 euro plus (+ girls additional costs), so all in all a cost of 30 euro for a beachside location that will be hard to beat!!!
Sadly, there were also other chores to do before we could enjoy the days…. such as washing (pretty much everything made of fabric in the van!!) but this was hardly a hardship… there was also the great opportunity to get on the bikes to grab some food from the nearby town..and then we spent most of the day on the beach in the startling clear water… jumping in from the various natural diving boards.Everyone grabbed the chance for a swim (sometimes on purpose, sometimes accidentally!!! Libby!!!) and even the chance to spend some time sorting out details for the route ahead… whilst sitting in the glorious sunshine!!
Pancakes were again the order of the day and were enjoyed on the beach with an ice cold drink courtesy of our growing supply in the onboard freezer… Can honestly add that we’re really loving the kitchen in the Adria, if we’re honest, we think this is the most significant improvement and it really does turn the van into a home from home…
But as ever time gets the better of you so we’ve got to dash, I promised I’d write this blog post before heading out with the girls for an early evening bike ride…. (but as ever thanks again for following our progress everyone!!) We’ve decided the SS113 is the road of choice tomorrow… supposed to be windy but fingers crossed we get some great views!!! The whole route is along the Tyrrhenian Sea weaving our way in and out of the national parks enroute… so the views and experience for the girls should be great!!

rais gerba

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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