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Heading for some winter sun in the Algarve at Turiscampo

Heading for some winter sun in the Algarve at Turiscampo

Heading for some winter sun on Portugal’s Algarve, we’ve left a a decidedly wet Seville after yet another wonderful visit! We headed off from our overnight stop at Puerto Gelves for Portugal and a chance to set about discovering a country we’ve only briefly visited before…. hoping to find other special places like SintraLisbon & it’s Escape Room or the Ossification Chapel at Evora !!

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So perhaps this might just be one for ‘Adria Motorhomes‘ enthusiasts… but we arrived in Seville to see the Banks Family… who are touring Europe in you guessed it!! An Adria Silver Matrix… just like our trusty motorhome!! So we couldn’t resist grabbing this picture of our vans together outside a Mercadona supermarket in Seville.. stocking up with essentials before heading west and the lure of Turiscampo on the Portuguese Algarve.. (It’s been really interesting to take pictures from the supermarket shops from the 26 countries so far.. we can’t wait to write an article on what we’ve found on our European Food Journey! But that’ll have to wait till after this next leg across Portugal!!)
So it’s all set up for a perfect few days enjoying hearing about another fellow motorhomers adventures whilst grabbing a slice of Portuguese paradise on the Algarve… we’re hoping it gives both girls a chance to spend some time socialising with this lovely family.. but also offers a chance to gather our breaths before we complete the hectic 26 days dash back across Portugal, Northern Spain & France!!! So how better to start than with a brilliant family BBQ!!! Not forgetting the ‘fresh orange juice’ that all the kids had fun making!!! The sun’s set to shine tomorrow so let’s hope for another great day on the Algarve!


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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