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Spectacular Stubai Glacier and a glimpse of Liechtenstein….

Spectacular Stubai Glacier and a glimpse of Liechtenstein….

We headed onto the natural beauty inside the glacial valley created by the Stubai glacier… this proved too good an opportunity to dissect cucumber and give an impromptu geography lesson…

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But as ever we got side tracked… firstly by the ancient castle in Kufstein (where we stayed on a fantastic aire – 7 euro a night of blissful sleep!) and then Innsbruck itself… full of well worn streets and home to the only city that has held 2 Winter Olympic Games.. in fact the panoramic dining room (the Ski Jump!) would have been a great lunch stop (but for budget controls!!)
But the lure of the outside space, most notably the quite simply amazing adventure playground nr Ranalt proved the perfect spot for a family picnic and afternoon’s free entertainment (apart from the 6 euro parking fee)… the wooden playground housed an Archimedes Corkscrew (great chance to explain some elementary science/physics to the girls), real live frogspawn and a series of climbing walls, swings and slides… but perhaps the best ones of all…. a ferry across a boat pond with views to die for and an equally impressive zip wire!!!
The girls were in heaven (as were we!) but at last we tore ourselves away and headed up to the actual glacial head and a chance to see a thriving ski resort in action… Throw in a quick run into Liechtenstein to for good measure and it finished a busy, busy day!!!!

A great end to the day with Munich beckoning tomorrow that should have been enough…. yet the girls have amazed us with their progress so far… and with a recent series of certificates for spelling achievement and a maths level now exceeding 2 years above their age… we bought them their first roller blades!!!

It’s a throwback to our university days and a great friend who played roller hockey for GB… now a god parent of Lottie, both girls have loved the idea of getting hold of of a pair!!! and today was their lucky day!

So tonight has been all about their first ‘solo’ circuits around the aire!! Both girls have managed it, and retreated to bed with much excitement… just perhaps, we might have to allocate some time to this tomorrow!!

So we once again set off in poor light and a trip to the capital Ljubljana, and the eco friendly campsite Ljubljana Resort… whilst the girls played on the excellent campsite playground trampoline we set up camp once more…. the city and old town /castle await tomorrow… fingers crossed it doesn’t rain like the forecast suggests!!!

A great day and one that we can’t thank Slavica Sterk enough for organising with her fellow Slovenian colleagues… Thanks Adria UK and Adria Mobil!!!!!!

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