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From Edelweiss to Bayern Munich in one day… and a family experience at Mystery Rooms Escape Room!!

From Edelweiss to Bayern Munich in one day… and a family experience at Mystery Rooms Escape Room!!

So after a fair few days of trying to squeeze in work and play….we decided today was a day to catch up, write up and more importantly focus on some basics!!! So both girls set to the task before 8am and barely raised their heads until mid day! (well perhaps they did! a quick run around the playground at the halfway mark!)

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This allowed us the opportunity to really get to grips with Kufstein, a wonderful authentic Austrian walled town in the Austrian Tyrol, complete with imposing castle and wonderful vistas on both sides… it really did capture both girls heart and we will almost certainly return!
But today was not about Austria, it was about getting to Munich… to Bayern Munich’s Allianz arena to be precise and then onto the amazing Escape Room in the centre… This ‘’ Escape Room was laden with sensory overload and quirky clues… all carefully managed by Captain Kai (a real star of the show!)
I don’t want to give anything away, but the ranger of tasks is enough to keep a family of 4 entertained easily for an hour.. it makes you work as a team, develop lateral thinking and was a real experience for us all… would we return??? 110% Yes… it was that good!
So with our brains reeling from the range of codes, clues and quirky storylines… we set off back to the fully lit Bayern Munich stellplatz (in red of course!)… a great place to base yourself and visit the city…


Tomorrow sees us get a VIP visit to the Truma factory whilst Friday sees us visit the magnificent DeutschesMuseum… we can’t wait for to continue our Munich adventure!

escape room

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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