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Vadstena | Adding to our collection of ‘Castles across Europe’

Vadstena | Adding to our collection of ‘Castles across Europe’

For hundreds of years, if you wanted to control territory in Europe, a castle was your best friend. So there’s plenty out there to explore just like Vadstena in Sweden. But visiting a castle can be a fascinating stop on any European roadtrip as you discuss “if these walls could talk” or try to stand where kings and queens stood. It’s a history lover’s dream and a real Ed-Venture waiting to happen.. so why not find out more about our experiences at Vadstena here.

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Heading west from Stockholm, we’d first visited the historic town of Linkoping. A beautiful cathedral adorns the centre of this small city with it’s famous old town and wooden buildings… sadly the weather gods had turned against us and the rain curtailed any further visits..Refreshed after a good night’s sleep, we rose early to tidy and clean the van from top to bottom… well needed and certainly a task that gave a certain feeling of accomplishment by the end!!
Setting off for the lakeside town of Vadstena, we’d heard of its gentle beauty and historic importance to Sweden… especially it’s famous cathedral and castle… both girls have developed a keen interest in castles since we started the trip in September… With 26 countries now visited after 270 days on the road… they’ve certainly had a few castles to compare… from the sublimely eclectic Palacio de la Pena to the stunning Alcatraz of Segovia


Vadstena Castle is widely considered to have been one of the finest early Renaissance buildings in Scandinavia following King Gustav Vasa’s orders to build a true fortress in 1545. One complete with gun turrets, ramparts and moats….. It’s role has changed as new kings have taken over (perhaps most notably during King Johann III’s reign) yet never found its way to becoming a favoured royal residence. Highly restored by the SFV (similar to English Heritage) it now closely resembles how it must have looked in the early 17th century.


Every castle should have Something special

Both girls enjoyed the interactive ‘dress up’ areas which set the scene for a well laid out and enjoyable series of rooms spread over 4 floors – each with it’s own story to tell… from the decadent royal bedrooms to the enormous State Halls…. it even had it’s own organ in its chapel!


Thankfully it is well signposted, enjoys a superb guide book as part of the entrance fee and has small information boards (in English) throughout the major rooms… its rich history also includes spells as a linen mill (mid 18th century) and as a grain store and garrison



so where did we park the bus for the night?

Just head for the local marina beside the castle gates (there is motorhome parking near the tourism office if you need further directions)

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