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Motorhoming in Norway | Is there a better way to see a Fjord with kids?

Motorhoming in Norway | Is there a better way to see a Fjord with kids?

So you’ve got children… not old children, but youngsters who need to be entertained… but you want them to experience the awesome natural wonder that is the Norwegian Fjords…. what would you do? Well, we took the plunge (not literally! it was too cold for a dip today!) and joined up with Fjord Safari, a great company who focus entirely on delivering an experience that both young and old can enjoy regardless of the weather.

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UNESCO awarded both the Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord the status of ‘Outstanding Universal Value‘. And it’s easy to see why!! The idea behind Fjord Safari is fairly simple, but originality is sometimes the best way forwards… think Apple, IKEA or Cocoa-Cola… All well known for what they do best, and Nærøyfjord is the absolute ‘optimum example’ of what any fjord should be…. imposing peaks tower menacingly above you with sheer faces that would defy most experienced climbers… crystal clear but dark waters that mirror every image due to their stillness and wildlife and hillside villages all around you! Just a wonderful place to explain glaciation as part of our homeschooling!!!
That said, there are easier places to teach than a RIB speedboat! One that can manage frightening speeds and exhilarating handling as we skimmed over wakes from other boats and banked quickly into 90degree turns.. Fjord Safari’s Heritage FjordSafari focuses not just on the amazing ride down this wondrous fjord (the narrowest of all fjords at some 200 in width, and only 10m in depth!) – it also focuses on the human stories behind this area and the wildlife that inhabits this amazing landscape (improved by the tumbling meltwater waterfalls all around the fjord).
So what did we see and hear from Gustav our guide, well firstly he had a dry sense of humour that endeared him to all, secondly he knew this region intimately and was able to name individual families houses and their stories (the most remote post office in Norway run by a 93yr old or the American couple who created a sensational hotel on a craggy outcrop overlooking the fjord)

Every Ed-Venture should have Something special

But what did we actually see? Well there was no disappointment there – we saw porpoise dolphins!!!! the girls were in 7th heaven!!! Possibly some seals although they remained unconfirmed and any number of birds skimming over the surface… but pride of place goes to those mountain goats that this region is also famed for – goats cheese of unparralled taste!!

Were the girls entertained? Well after the girls had wiped away their tears after the dressing up had finished – we all resembled something more befitting a sumo contest in Japan – they were transfixed for the full 3hrs! Barely taking their eyes off the water or the amazing natural sites around them….
Was it safe and well run? It was brilliantly run, hugely efficient from start to finish and we had every piece of equipment we could have wished for… we are finding this is crucial to the success of travelling with kids… make them feel safe, make them feel they are well equipped to do the task and give them something to challenge themselves and enjoy.… it really is a recipe for success for our girls… ​


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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