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The Reason Why Everyone Should Love Bordeaux….

The Reason Why Everyone Should Love Bordeaux….

If you’ve missed yesterday’s article  ‘Learn 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Bordeaux across the day‘ then you might want to read it first.  Discover our first experience of this stunning city in the South West of France. Famed as much for its wine as it’s architectureal beauty, it also houses one of the best public transport systems across Europe… perfect for searching the city for fun facts and experiences…

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So where better to start than climbing the highest tower (114m) in Bordeaux (St Michael’s Tower) . As this tower is so high, and holds one of the biggest bells in Europe  it was built away from the Saint-André Cathedral to ensure it wouldn’t destroy Bordeaux’s beautiful limestone cathedral… The views of the city are truly stunning after the 200+ steps to the top… not one for the faint hearted as you literally step outside the highest steeple… .


It just reinforces why Bordeaux has been so strict on it’s building of structures within the city perimeter…  the city appears uniformally old, with almost everything at the same height… apart from the major landmarks that help you navigate your way across the city…  Leaving the colourful, busy square that houses the Tower, we headed towards Bordeaux’s Musée d’Aquitaine… and a road schooling lesson on the history of this region (from prehistoric times to modern day)… this is one of the free museums with the Bordeaux City Pass and is well worth  a visit alongside all the other impressive museums in Bordeaux.
As we waded through the famous Cave Paintings & Prehistoric remnants… it reminded us of our visits to the Dordogne recently as part of our ‘Taste of France‘ circumnavigation of France this summer. The fantastic displays allow you a very personal view of the tombs, mosaics and implements of the various ages as you head through the Pre-Historic to the Pronto-Historic… Yet more great opportunities to add to our Road Schooling Page


But no visit to Bordeaux would be complete without a leisurely stroll down the riverfront. Past the sports activities towards the famous mirror pool, this area of Bordeaux (no more than 5mins from the centre) is a wonderfully relaxing place. It offers young families a place to have safe fun without traffic, allows people to try out new opportunites (like the skateboard with a wheel below!) and even has a historic ship you can discover….


We’ve already inked in plans to return next year as we loved it so much…. so if you’ve got inquistive young explorers… this might just be the perfect place to give them a little freedom to discover the various aspects to this well organised, yet stunningly beautiful city



so where did we park the bus for the night?

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