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A special visit to Truma, Munich – from a humble language school into a multinational corporation

A special visit to Truma, Munich – from a humble language school into a multinational corporation

Truma UK (part of Truma Group since April 1997) working with their sister company Truma Germany helped secure us this fantastic visit to the main product plant in Munich… a chance to see high end engineering at first hand and a chance to see how a multi national corporation works! Both brilliant opportunities for our girls as we believe these types of opportunities will give them insights into areas that most children will never see.

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As is sometimes said, you never really know the whole story until you talk to the people who work there… and wasn’t that true for us yesterday!!
Little did we know that the company started as a language school just after the WWII, a brilliant piece of serendipity as our girls continue to develop new language skills themselves. In an effort to help rebuild Germany, Philipp Kreis was running language lessons to teachers in evenings, yet the power was sporadic so he devised an ingenious gas lamp… this soon grew in popularity with teachers providing the first ever work force… growing in size, Philipp contacted President Truman (USA) and gained permission to call his company Truma (dropping the ‘n’ for gender reasons)…. further innovations happened and in 1961 the first heating device was produced… progress continued rapidly to the present day where we now enjoy a Truma Combi (a heating system combined with an boiler) in our Adria motorhome.
As we move through this year, it has just shown the girls how a little hard work and the right opportunities can bring tangible results… as shown by their ambassadorship for Jofli Bear. A process that saw them write a short presentation in a bid to secure their new role… all part of a good education for future life!
Both Christian & Monika were brilliant with both girls across the whole trip as we savoured each opportunity on the visit. From seeing the creation of ideas in the ‘Kaizen’ inspired communal workspaces of the Research & Development section, to the highly skilled (and happy!) workforce on the production line… amazing techniques were explained in intricate detail with both girls amazed by how things were made… Whilst the transportation via trains,lifts etc provided real entertainment value for both girls.. it had the feel we expected – efficient, effective and well managed.


It also seemed a happy company, with nearly 500 employees enjoying perks such as a company sports club & a wonderfully artistic lunch hall (one of the oldest works there decorated it with brilliant murals).

We hope we can return again to tell them about more of our travels, share the success that is our iNet system…. and just maybe we might try an air conditioning unit…, you never know!!!

truma factory

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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