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Family Adventures in the Alps (Haute Alpes) as part of our European RoadTrip

Family Adventures in the Alps (Haute Alpes) as part of our European RoadTrip

Ok, I’ll start with a small tip…. if you are ever in this region…. take a drive on the D1075 south out of Grenoble….. we did, and were so glad we chose this route!!! It’s a gem not to be missed on any French Motorhoming Roadtrip

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The day had started with a manic ‘shall we, shan’t we…’ but we left Switzerland and headed south through Grenoble and it’s terrible traffic jams and onto the A51 and the D1075…. although the light was facing, we still got some opportunities to spend time in the snow with both girls and grabbed some snow chains from the garage on the roadside (serendipitous choice of road me thinks!!)…. but the next morning was a picture….


We had made it down to Veynes and Gap and stayed in the Camping  Solaria… after a night of take away pizza courtesy of the van in the lovely town square (a small treat before you ask!) and unbelievable rain storms!!!! we emerged to a less snowy valley!!! Undeterred, we headed north up the D1075 and into a valley bathed in sunshine but covered in snow…


This was what we had been waiting for… sadly due to the need to push south into Italy, we had hoped to get some serious ski/snow board action in Alp d’huez…. but no matter, we had an afternoon of family fun in the snow with picnics in the motorhome whilst staring out at the stunning views!!!  Sheer Family Bliss!!!


gap france

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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