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Seeing where a motorhome is born

Seeing where a motorhome is born

We were delighted to get the rare opportunity to see how each motorhome is made – from the very first pieces of rubber and wood to the finished products…. and perhaps the ones yet to hit the high street!!

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Both girls were up well before 6am, dressed and ready for action as we wild camped close to Novo Mesto and the Adria factory in Slovenia… having dashed across Croatia after the Krka adventures…

As ambassadors for Adria, we have covered some 8400 miles across Europe sharing both our experiences and motorhome with people who have showed an interest… and boy have they… not a day has gone by without a handful of people stopping us… in fact even the girls can now give a passable ‘top features’ presentation to these new guests!

The girls had watched the Youtube video of the Adria construction in detail some weeks before and were in awe throughout the day… perhaps matched by their mother… a real Design/Technology (D&T) fan!!! With a godfather who is also a D&T teacher, there will be many projects/lessons that can be taught using the experience…

So having been met by the fantastic staff( Nina, Neil) we were whisked through the pristine factory, full of the latest ergonomic aids to make this a high tech factory… all laid out with a clear and obvious plan that allowed each area to work in isolation without any obvious inefficiencies…

Assembly halls followed production halls, with automated processes throughout and robotic winches moving vehicles between processes… often by sizeable numbers of female workers (a fact not lost on any of us)…. pausing briefly to see the shower room (an iconic area not to be missed), we headed out into prototype world and the upcoming 2017 models before diving back into see the Paris-Dakar rally motorhome, the feelsLOVEnia caravan….

Having been literally swamped with sounds, visuals and things to touch and feel… we headed into the trophy adorned lunch room (great idea to have Adria specific competitions, clearly this was a well motivated and family focused company!)… after a fantastic Slovenian meal of epic proportions… we enjoyed a good chance to chat about our experiences, the Adria brand and where to visit in Slovenia!!

As we departed in the late afternoon, we saw the collected Adria brands (Adria Racing, Adria Junior Racing and their athlete ambassadors) and both girls were delighted to get some Adria presents courtesy of the lovely Nina…

Heading out on Neil’s recommendations, we arrived at Otocec castle to see the Adria Junior Racing team in action…. both girls (avid bike riders) leapt out to meet similar aged cyclists but training intervened as they roared off into the growing dusk…

So we once again set off in poor light and a trip to the capital Ljubljana, and the eco friendly campsite Ljubljana Resort… whilst the girls played on the excellent campsite playground trampoline we set up camp once more…. the city and old town /castle await tomorrow… fingers crossed it doesn’t rain like the forecast suggests!!!

A great day and one that we can’t thank Slavica Sterk enough for organising with her fellow Slovenian colleagues… Thanks Adria UK and Adria Mobil!!!!!!

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Adria Factory

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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