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If you’re anything like us, you’ll be interested in the journey as much as the destination? So why not click below to find both…Let yourself drift off to dream, explore and discover parts of the beautiful country that is Slovenia.

Is Camping Bled value for money

Lake Bled is one of Europe's most iconic sights. This small lake (only 2km x 1.4km) is heated due to it's nearby thermal springs... so swimming is an option for active families. There's also the iconic island and a medieval castle clinging to the cliffs with the...

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Three Countries in one Day

Ok, so perhaps not our biggest amount in a day... but hey, three's (Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia) not bad is it?? We reckon we've only beaten that once - on the first day of our  Leg 3 down to the Adriatic. oday's trip started in Hungary this...

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Good News our Slovenia Article gets published

So with Christmas festivities fading slowly into a haze of wrapping paper and half eaten mince pies.... we've left both excited girls scrabbling around over their new pressies to takea  peek into our inbox... to find the good news that our most recent travel article...

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The Slovenian Riviera at Piran….

We'd been told by numerous people that no visit to Slovenia was complete without sampling the delights of Piran.... so we duly donned our cycling kit and took our chances!! Picturesque Piran is one of the best preserved historical towns on the Adriatic, known for its...

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Predjama Castle A gravity defying castle

Predjama's Castle is both a picturesque and probably impregnable castle perched up in the middle of a vertical 123-metre high cliff for more than 700 years at Predjama Castle . Its romantic appeal only further enhanced by the River Lokva, which disappears into the...

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A True European Highlight | Postojna Caves, Slovenia

After leaving the grace and splendour of Ljubljana , we wanted to find out what makes Slovenians such a nation of outdoor, adventurous people... but we had reckoned without the majestic, natural beauty under the earth some 50km from the capital.... ​The Postojna Caves...

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Seeing where a motorhome is born

We were delighted to get the rare opportunity to see how each motorhome is made - from the very first pieces of rubber and wood to the finished products.... and perhaps the ones yet to hit the high street!! oth girls were up well before 6am,...

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