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Indoor Sky Diving | An Experience with Voss Vind’s Wind Tunnel

With both girls chattering away excitedly in the back, we headed past the imposing Hardangerfjord and into Voss, the adventure capital of Norway. Hardangerfjord is the longest fjord in Hordland at some 179km long stretching all the way from the coast to Eidfjord but adventure seekers come for Voss and its famed adventurous pursuits

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So imagine giving your family an experience no-one will forget…..from sky diving to river rafting… it has pretty much everything you could ask for…. so we thought we’d give some of it a try… starting withVoss Vind and it’s ultra modern indoor sky diving centre!
With snow capped mountains providing an atmospheric backdrop to match the sight of falling parachutes from real sky divers, we headed into this wind tunnel experience… the first sight is impressive as the timber clad building has clearly been well designed and no expense spared on the quality of the finish outside and inside. The company was founded back in 2007, but really only launched its first sky divers in 2012… it clearly has the backing of the locals as it was jam packed during our visit and they’ve clearly got some good partners in Kari Traa and Bula
With a minimum age of 5, it really is perfect for families like ours, but equally good for corporate team building or just mates wanting to have fun together. The whole atmosphere is uber cool, the instructors looked something like the surfers/skydivers  from ‘Point Break’ with serious cool factor… thats a nod to you Derek & Bart!

Apparently sky diving is for everyone, and we can vouch for that as this was our first time…. the amount of tunnel time for us only lasted 10mins but the whole experience from instruction beforehand to debrief afterwards lasted almost 2hrs on a sweltering hot May day….

Every family adventure should have Something special

So how does it work? We didn’t know so we asked… here was the reply “ Voss Vind is Norway’s only vertical wind tunnel with tempered air circulation”.. so what does that mean to me and you… well it means it has a pretty much 100% safety built in to the design. Protected above and below you in the 98ft chamber (although you only fly some 14ft high at the max) with a 1608 bhp engine to power it!


So whose the oldest and youngest to have flown” asked Lottie – well apparently a 93yr old made a better effort than Daddy by all accounts, whilst the 5yr old before us made the whole thing look surprisingly easy.

Look its not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want to test yourselves and challenge what you think you can or can’t do… you’d do worse than to try this… And perhaps what made the experience for us was the team of instructors who brought it all to life…. in fact our instructor had to leave just before the end as he was sky diving that night…at the local drop point on top of the hill overlooking Voss Vind

So as his plane roared overhead as we sat outside… both girls asked that dreaded question…. “how old to you have to be to do a  tandem sky dive Daddy….????” Well we’ve really gone and done it now haven’t we!!!??


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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