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Hardangerfjord | Fjord Norway Travel Guide said use this scenic route….. so we did!!

Hardangerfjord | Fjord Norway Travel Guide said use this scenic route….. so we did!!

Despite the numerous Lonely Planet travel guides we’d brought with us… its taken until now to realise that the best option is just to take yourself down to the local tourist office and ask the real people where to go…. and in this case Fjord Norway have come up trumps with their 2016 edition of the Fjords Travel Guide.

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It’s 100 pages are packed with brilliantly insightful tips for places to visit and things to see on the way through the myriad of different fjords in this part of Norway. Stretching from below Stavanger through to Ålesund… there are more fjords than you could possibly imagine, all with their unique characteristics…
So how were we going to plan a route… well this little booklet made that so much easier… (turn to p.71) There are any number of scenic drives mapped out. Each with places to see, where to stop and walk under waterfalls, or to get the best views from… truly brilliant! Needing to get to Voss, we headed off on the ‘An Adrenalin Filled Adventure‘ but there were others such as ‘The Wonders of Møre Og Romsdal’ or ‘A Gastronomic Journey’….
Our journey (or part of it as there is more planned for tomorrow after our high ropes course with Voss Active) took us through Hardangerfjord... with mountainous fjord side villages along the route, some producing fruit (such as Ulvick) others situated at the very foot of the fjords (Voss)… with small ferries making their way merrily across the placid fjords close to fisheries, it really is an easy route on the eye.

Waterfalls were a common sight along the route perhaps none better than the one at Steinsdalsfossen…. as we took the following roads (E16, Rv7, Rv13) on a journey that lasted no more than 3-4hrs. We now can’t wait to pick up the next leg of this journey, but not until we’ve had more fun in Voss over the weekend….the ‘behind the wheel’ adventure will just have to wait until we head for the railway at Flam on Monday.



so where did we park the bus for the night?

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