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Heading downwards into the Cavernous Caves near Nerja

Heading downwards into the Cavernous Caves near Nerja

Today started early with some tree felling in our site at Orgiva in the Sierra Nevada…. a rude alarm call if there is one!

But after a deep clean of the van – deep joy! We headed on the most picturesque journey thus far… over the Sierra Nevada and onto the N340 across the coastline of Andalusia….

It was genuinely breathtaking and warranted a stop every 2miles at yet another jaw dropping picnic site…. eventually hunger set in and we set camp for a few hours… utter bliss in easily 25 degrees heat…

Snorkel or caves…. a hard decision but eventual the prehistoric caves at Nerja won….. So we stowed the kit away and headed inland… These caves are over 5,000,000 years old and hold some the best prehistoric drawings seen over the past 24,000 years….. we were lucky to stumble upon this…..

After the girls had been wowed by the stalactites and stalagmites, we headed back to the lunch spot to watch the sun go down over Gibraltar…. it really was a sunset to make the most of…… reds, purples and the rest (not bad fora colour blind Dad…!!)

And onto the Camping Nerja site…. home for tonight before we head out to snorkel at Maro beach tomorrow and then perhaps hire some sea kayaks to wander along the coastline!!! Can’t wait……. best get some sleep!!!


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