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Snorkelling in the Sun… the Costa Tropical continues to amaze!

Snorkelling in the Sun… the Costa Tropical continues to amaze!

The sun is still set to shine for the foreseeable future… time to go and enjoy it!

A non work day so we headed into the stunningly Andalusian town of Nerja…. white washed walls, tropical palm trees and a supermarket!!!! Slightly concerning how pleased we were to see a shop full of fresh food!!

Once the fridge (and every conceivable space in the van) was fully stocked! WE headed back past Maro to the beach from yesterday…. After another relaxing lunch / breakfast of fresh mango, we started the descent down to the ‘clothing optional’ beach….. Suffice to say ours stayed on….

After the midday sun passed, we headed over to the rocky outcrop that was supposedly full of fish…. After an endless series of checks of masks, flippers and the new GoPro (with pole mount!) – we finally managed to get into the water and head out to see some of the aquatic wildlife…

The water was crystal clear (although the GoPro may tell a different story) and the fish were fabulous. Flat fish that were bigger than a large plate, back and white striped fish that would certainly not look out of place at an aquarium and any number of smaller fish…. It really was great to spend some fun time as a family and we took the opportunity with both hands….

After sunning ourselves dry (well perhaps beyond what was necessary!!), we packed up, strolled up the cliff path and headed west towards Malaga….

We haver chanced upon yet another lovely site tonight, on the beach with some fantastic Swedish neighbours…. Yet another language for Lottie and Libby to pick up and also some free Yoga and Spanish lesson are promised tomorrow via the campsite…. We may even stay and get the bikes out….

Perhaps I should finish with the wifi, it is near on perfect and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is on in the van with 3 girls glued to the TV whilst a BBQ cooks outside….

Al Fresco living or Strictly Come Dancing – it’s a hard choice…..


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