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Christmas in Portugal | How Obidos celebrate the coming of ‘Pai Natal’

Christmas in Portugal | How Obidos celebrate the coming of ‘Pai Natal’

With Christmas coming in Portugal, we’d heard that Obidos in Central Portugal (some 85km north of Lisbon) had a fantastic series of Christmas acitvities for children throughout the month of December.. so we heading out at dusk to this walled city to let our daughters experience some of the spectacular Portuguese Christmas traditions

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Opting for a morning of homeschooling… everyone was ready to get out and find something exciting to entertain, engage and educate … so we headed for the fantastic motorhome aire that sits underneath the lengthy aquaduct commissioned by Queen Caterina of Austria (King João III’s wife) in exchange for fertile lands beneath the castle.. All in an idyllic setting close to the Portuguese West Coast …. this walled city’s Christmas Festival offers the perfect opportunity for another Ed-Venture on other countries traditions!!


The stunning series of white walled houses each with ther own distinctive colour-edged walls line the cobbled streets as you make your way through the streets of the walled city… it reminded us quickly of a similar type of ‘night time’ experience at Talmont Sur Gironde… Each street seemingly decorated with a style that seems to be a key part of this region’s style…


The main street leading to the fort at the top of the city contained a series of unqiue craft stalls, each with their own take on Portuguese Christmas festivities… but perhaps the main theme appeared to be the hot chocolate and stalls offering a fantastic cherry liquer called Ginja.. drunk from inside a small dark chocolate edible cup.. all for the reasonable price of 1 euro!


Every region should have Something special

As we strolled the charming labyrinth of streets in Obidos in the growing dusk, we stopped for a little shopping with the girls.. thankfully the prices weren’t inflated and we managed to get some decent goodies.. always pleasing to get a bargain!! The region’s castles/abbeys have a significant amount of ceramic tiles which are on display throughout the craft shops, alongside some amazing uses of cork (purses, handbags and pictures!)

It’s amazing to think that this whole city was once the wedding present of a Queen, yet the views are staggering from any of the ramparts or city walls (not one for the faint hearted as there is no wall on the inner side to support you, just a 35ft drop onto hard terractta roofs!). Vineyards, windmills and mountains lie in abundance below… It’s apparently very pretty when the Spring flowers (geraniums, morning glories and bougainvillaea) appear yet we thought the Christmas feel more than made up for this!



so where did we park the bus for the night?

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