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Our European Road-trip sees us heading south to Italy but we couldn’t resist a stop at Magic Metz

Our European Road-trip sees us heading south to Italy but we couldn’t resist a stop at Magic Metz

The Camping municipale may have been shut, but the free aire beside the river was a great first night for Part 3 of our Europe trip… nothing beats a free nights accommodation and especially as it is so well situated next to the old city…

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The famous Metz Cathedral was only a few minutes stroll via a lovely little park with climbing frames that begged to be played on… After this 30min PE class…. we sauntered up through the old parts of Metz towards the ‘Market Couvert’ and the fantastic shops.
Metz is largely ignored by those hunting sights such as Strasbourg, Colmar but it really is worth a visit… It is the capital of the Alsace region and is well supplied with plenty of fine dining experiences, great cathedrals and the newly created mini ‘Centre Pompidou’…. throw in some funny looking tram/buses and a Nespresso shop to match any other….. and you easily have half a days experience already…
We would have loved to have stayed longer but needs must…. so we headed south for a day (tomorrow) in Strasbourg… With all the recent talk of a BREXIT, the girls are looking forward to a European history/politics day tomorrow… If the rain relents!!! Heading for a great Indigo Campsite near to the centre, 15mins bike ride from the ‘petit France’ and a chance to take a boat ride through the old canals to the EU parliament…r.


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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