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Taking a trip back in time for a Roadschooling opportunity at the Dinopark in Croatia

Taking a trip back in time for a Roadschooling opportunity at the Dinopark in Croatia

Our ‘Roadschooling’ Road Trip really has become an ‘adventure’ in every sense of the word with every day full of surprises as we move from one location to another. Now, everyday brings a new outdoor classroom / playground / family adventure for us to discover together as a family.

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JJust like the fantastic Dinopark in Croatia which proved to be a great addition to our ‘History‘ Roadschooling topics. Differing from yesterday’s adventures at the Roman settlements & amphitheatre of Poreč & Pula this visit gave us a great chance to discuss 66 million years of evolution, the geographical issues faced by the dinosaurs & how fossils can tell the history of time. This park is dedicated to a species that lived over 3 times as long as humans have done do far. Located in the heart of Istria, near Poreč, it’s set in an old stone quarry with moving life-size dinosaurs and is the first Croatian theme and historical re-enactment park.
Roadschooling our children each week has allowed us to seek out new travel/education or adventure opportunities across Europe. So if you’re considering planning an extended family holiday in Europe, we hope you might find some new ideas for family fun across Europe just like the Dinopark in Istria, Croatia in our ‘Top 10 Educational Experiences across Europe

At the Dinopark, the girls were soon immersed in the amazingly life-like landscape… each new corner showed yet more dinosaurs… some in mid roar, others hatching from eggs or some in the process of hunting smaller dinosaurs. Every dinosaur has a ‘press’n’hold’ button nearby to set it into action, whilst your children can read the informative noticeboards next to the dinosaur.

There are chances to get close to the action and sit on a moving dinosaur, or to walk underneath flying dinosaurs on the wooden walkways… just be wary that they are steep and might need  a little care if you’ve got a wandering toddler in tow…

Every Ed-Venture should have Something special

In addition to the 30+ model dinosaurs, there are many other kinds of fun activities in which the whole family can enjoy. Including a 1,000 seat ‘Show Tent’ with daily performances, restaurant and children’s playroom. Outside the arena there are a variety of attractions for children: a mini amusement park, children’s train, trampolines, roundabouts, dino shooting range and a playground. All free and at no extra charge from the admission price (see here).

We’ve always tried to make history come alive by actually standing in the WW1 trenches in the Somme, or listening to a WWII survivor in Flanders Field … So perhaps this Croatian Dinopark will do the same for your kids? Perhaps ​’Walking with Dinosaurs’ has a catchy ring???


dinopark istria

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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