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Meeting a world record holder… as you do.. true inspiration for our girls!

Meeting a world record holder… as you do.. true inspiration for our girls!

After a welcome rest after a few days of non stop travelling and exploring…. we settled down for a quiet day at the campsite near Malaga.

Ending time to reflect on the time we have left and th things we still wanted to see…. it soon became a frantic search through guide books and websites to check our next few movements…

It looks like Ronda, Arca les Frontiers and then Seville…. but we may squeeze in Cadiz beforehand…

The lure of orange groves in Seville, the cathedral and the promise of flamenco all proved too much…..

So after a period of catching up on the girls diaries (and spellings…) we headed out to the pool for a swimming lesson with Mummy.. great to see Lottie making such progress with her ‘butterfly’ whilst Libby continues to be more fish than person when in the water…

After a spell on wave dodging on the beach, this time a black beach! We returned backed to the van and a BBQ of salmon fillets and carbonara sauce…

And then out of nowhere, we spoke again with a lovely couple who we had spoken to since we arrived. It transpired that not only were they lovely people, the man (George Rock) had a world record for rowing the Atlantic (both 4 and 2 person) in the fastest time…. The girls were amazed and in awe of the tales of these journeys and the various anecdotes that go with it…

We even hada  chance to look at the articles on his epic adventure

So the girls are now fully ‘paid up’ members of the ‘we want to become world adventurers club’ and now want us to trade in the van and buy a boat and sail the world…..

Youngest ever sisters to sail the world… has a nice ring to it!!! Surely we wouldn’t……… would we???


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