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Croatia by Motorhome | Family Bike Adventures at KrKa National Park

Croatia by Motorhome | Family Bike Adventures at KrKa National Park

Tempus Fugit!!!! Time to move on as we headed northwards for our eventual destination – Slovenia! But on the way we simply had to experience one of the natural wonders of Europe – a Croatian National Park – and not anyone, perhaps the best Krka National Park.

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Covering some 109 sql and established in 1985, the park protects the lower/middle stretches of the River Krka before it finishes in Sibernik… we tracked it’s progress from Sibernik into the stretch near Skradin before unloading the bikes and enjoying a real family adventure….

Canyons of limestone followed spectacular gorges as we headed across stunning forest paths through glades of trees… spring sunshine filled the air, whilst that special smell of fresh pine wafted past our nostrils…. bliss!! Then we realised the eventual distance some 8km of fast descents followed by lung busting uphills…. before a series of hairpins with little to stop a skid and involuntary dive into the river some 80m below!

The final descent eventually came as we spilled into the Skradinski Buk series of waterfalls…. cascading over an impressive 147ft height, these cascades have 17 steps of waterfalls over a 2,624ft… it was worth the 300kn cost to enter and we even managed to get the free wifi too!!!

It’s not all about the waterfalls though, there are historic churches, blacksmiths and a working demonstration of how this started a hydro-electric power movement pre WW1… Add into that the boardwalks through the river glades, wildlife including snakes enjoying the view on sun soaked terraces along the waterfall cascades.. it really was a special afternoon…

With just a ‘panacotta’ flavoured ice cream for nourishment, both girls responded brilliantly and made the journey back in record time – no mean feat considering the climbs!!! Even mentioning that they would rather have bikes, than taken the steam paddle option to the falls! Egrets and night herons were now in view as the sunset covered this magical scene in yet another ‘filter’ worthy of Instagram!!!

Slovenia and the 350km journey beckons…. so another country noticed up… but we will return as we are firmly under the spell of this beautiful country.. LifeinourVan officially love Croatia!


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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