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Eureka! Children’s Museum is Awesome for Young Kids! – LifeinourVan

Eureka! Children’s Museum is Awesome for Young Kids! – LifeinourVan

We reckon this is one of the most important aspect of our road schooling curriculum, we take each and every chance to grab some interactive science experiences with our girls. So today’s seen us head to Halifax in Yorkshire to see Eureka! The National Children’s Museum.

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Having previously studied the Industrial Revolution with the girls, it was great to drive past  and discuss the famous old cities and towns that are forever linked to this period… including Leeds, Bradford and finally Halifax.

But if you’ve got young children, this is the perfect place to head for first if you’re visiting  Halifax in Yorkshire. It’s easily accessed by motorhome/car (worth noting it’s a pay and display car park) or by train at the station which adjoins the main site.

The cleverly designed museum manages to cram in 400+ award-winning interactive exhibits. Encouraging a blend of creativity, team-work and independence helps children to develop and learn. However, if pushed we’d say that it proved better for Libby’s age (8-9) than Lottie (12-13) but nonetheless there was enough for each to enjoy across our 4hr visit.
Science was and still is one of the girl’s favourite subjects – on the road or in the classroom… and none have been better than the clever Loch Ness Centre in Scotland. As a result of the girl’s growing interest in Science, we’ve made a bee-line for some of Europe’s most famous Science museums such as Oslo or  Munich.. Yet there are also other brilliantly interactive museums like Eureka! which although relatively small, are fantastic to allow children to enjoy at their own pace just like Lagos, Portugal 
As any ‘world schooler‘ or ‘road schooling family‘ knows… you sometimes have to seize a moment and take the opportunity to make learning fun… and Eureka! certainly offers that. It’s just so interactive…. from the radio controlled cars to buildable cubes…. it’s just so easy to get ‘hands on’! As the girls attached themselves to the ever expanding laser wall (see below)… the sound of laughter reminded us of yet another fun ‘road schooling’ experience that saw both girls learn all about ‘lift and propulsion’ in Portugal using a radio controlled helicopter (see full article here). 
But for us, the variety on offer is the best part to Eureka! It’s kept both girls enthused and engaged throughout the visit…. with certain areas allowing more hands on interaction whilst others have promoted interesting discussions or even thoughts for future ‘road schooling lessons’.
But if we had to finish by picking one area that all younger kids will absolutely love! It’s the ‘Living & Working Together’ area, a simulated town centre with its own M&S food store, a Halifax bank, a Post Office and a garage. Our girls really loved seeing how a bank really works and if they’d been five years younger… I doubt we’d have managed to prise them out of this whole area!!

As per the growing trend with high quality attractions, tickets are valid for 12 months, so if you don’t manage to get round it all, you can come back another time. Our visit took 4hrs, but you could easily spend more time. You can even bring your own picnic to enjoy in the indoor picnic area (more details on Eureka can be found here)

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