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Roadschooling | Scottish History at Culloden Moor

Roadschooling | Scottish History at Culloden Moor

It was a 100 years ago this month that women were granted the right to vote in Britain. So this week has seen us focus on this as a topic…. but Scotland also offers a host of historical treasures to ‘learn by doing’… So although it may not be an exact 100yrs ago (in Culloden’s case some 272 years ago). We’ve stopped by this iconic and brilliantly organised ‘Scottish National Trust‘ site to get a better understanding of just why it’s so important in Scottish History

culloden Moor

If you’ve ever stopped by our History Roadschooling Page, you’ll have seen why we value our girls  learning history so much. In fact, our European History ‘Van Lesson’ is still possibly the most enjoyable one of the whole trip so far…


​History allows us to understand society, understand change, provides a sense of identity, preserves stories and inspires us to make better choices for the future.


​Ensuring our children consider historical perspectives, empathise with but evaluate historical events across European countries

So what did we find at Culloden Moor, the scene of the pivotal battle between Jacobites and the English in 1746?

Firstly, the actual site is motohome friendly and superbly well laid out… with a child friendly museum and gift shop + cafe. The actual battle field is easily identified and houses a number of brightly coloured flags to show where each army would have stood over 270+ years ago.

Secondly, the whole area is walkable and dog friendly too. So you can grab a map and explore old homesteads, peaty bogs and the old lines of battle… grabbing a sense of the atmosphere that you simply can’t recreate in the classroom

Thankfully, alongside the excellent guidebook and our newly acquired ‘Scottish History Explained’…. it’s easy to find out more about the subject. But if you want a more abreviated version (then click here)

There’s plenty about the battle and uprising that led to the last battle on British soil (in 1746). Or you can find out about the ‘Butcher of Cumberland’, the supression of the highlanders and plenty more.

It’s as good as the superb ‘Glen Coe’ visitor centre and easily worth a visit if you’re in the area over half term…

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