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The Second of the 2 C’s of the South West of France – the Camargue and Carcassonne

The Second of the 2 C’s of the South West of France – the Camargue and Carcassonne

Having left Carcassonne with both girls still reeling in awe… we’ve decided to try and blow their minds in this most natural of environments…the Camargue (an area of over 360 sq miles)… jam packed full of marshy fields followed by mimosa tree lined roads between fields of black bulls…. not to mention the pink flamingos and wild horses…. so all the perfect ingredients for our girls!!!

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Sadly time was against us exploring the wider expanses of this amazing wetlands…. an area not dissimilar to areas we have visited including the protected wetlands of the Marais Poitevinor the salt marshes of Ile de Re. So both girls will have to wait to see the full natural extravaganza that is the Camargue… but the great thing about taking a motorhome adventure across Europe… is that we can always add it to the ‘list to do’… so rest assured the wildlife of the Camargue is well and truly on our list to explore later this year… perhaps your kids might love it too?
F​or those of you visiting out of season, head to the secluded lagoons of the ‘Etang de Berre’… an area where we parked up and enjoyed the setting sun followed by the most amazingly colourful sunset… not to mention the colourful breakfast too… We’ll return, we simply have to… don’t let it become a forgotten area… it’s worth so much more than that!


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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