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River Rafting on the Cetina with Split Adventures…

River Rafting on the Cetina with Split Adventures…

The River Cetina is a stunning river that cascades down it’s 100km journey through steep gorges and waterfalls… but eventually becomes a more navigable prospect in it’s middle course.Libby’s yells of excitement were almost drowned out by the roars emerging from the river gorge cut deep into the hills surrounding Split… this chance to enjoy yet another family adventure came courtesy of Split Adventures and we had been looking forward to it for days….

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Taking the chance to brush up on some geography lessons as we travelled across in our van, we were both pleased to know they had a solid understanding of the changing nature of the river through its courses… but also an interest in how erosion makes the landscapes they were visiting… it was yet more vindication in the benefits of an ‘outdoor classroom‘ and brilliant to see such genuine interest in learning….
Yet that said, today was all about us enjoying and testing our families limits… and where better than a rafting experience with our fabulous guide (Marin). This was Libby’s first time and having turned 8 only days before, she was as young as they come for such an experience… yet this didn’t deem to be fazing her (or her older sister Lottie) as they raced into the rafts and over the first 7ft descent… with water frothing around both children as they disappeared out of view… it was our turn to follow Marin’s raft…. and so the adventure began…
Category 1 and 2 rapids were a great start for both girls who really took to the challenge, and it was a great news skill to learn how to both ‘hard/soft’ steer from the back of the raft…

All good skills to learn before a technically pleasing Category 3 rapid that had boulders galore…. with steep drops and churning whirl pools this had screams aplenty… great to capture all this on our trusty oldGoPro Surf camera…. the video should beat the stills and will soon be added to our new family challenges page… We love this camera – on our bikes, on our rafts, kayaks or even when climbing. Brilliant addition!!!!!

Despite having all the relevant safety gear, we never fell in but occasionally toppled over the side to enjoy the blissfully refreshing water……!! with over 10km of constant paddling over a 3hr period… we certainly knew we’d been physically tested…
With the last few rapids in sight, we grabbed the chance to change positions in the rafts and finally arrived at the wonderful meander where our Adria was conveniently parked (thanks to Peter for helping with the various lifts… hither and thither)… Libby was the first to spot the diving board perched some 12ft over the water… and it would have been rude not to have jumped… with laughter bubbling away in the back of the van, we headed back to the Camping Rozac site and another enjoyable evening with fellow campers…

Will we see dolphins in the bay tomorrow… or will our luck run out!!!


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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