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Inspiring Creative Minds at Chateau des Èngimes

Inspiring Creative Minds at Chateau des Èngimes

Having heard a great quote recently….

” Creativity is experimenting, inventing, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun…” (Mary Lou Cook)

We genuinely believe this says almost everything about how we believe children should grow up in an ever changing society that demands them to grow up so fast… perhaps too fast for our liking?

One of the major reasons we’ve now reached over 346 days on the road on our family adventure of a lifetime across Europe…. Is that we want our children to grow up relishing opportunities, inspired to learn by themselves and to appreciate and broaden their horizons… this has led us to take on some amazing family experiences that will hopefully mould our children into interesting, opinionated yet respectful young adults.

So as you probably all know by now, LifeinourVan love a good treasure hunt and have made plenty of these across our European Adventure, yet Chateau des Engimes has taken this to a whole new level.. A visit to Chateau d’Usson near Pons was a truly remarkable addition to these experiences… Where else can you visit a renaissance chateau at the same time as solving 27 riddles to find your pirate’s treasure. (not to mention gaining some amazing new interesting skills such as Thales Method for measuring heights or ‘how to tie a figure of 8 knot’)

chateau des engimes

Active Learning takes so many different forms but we reckon our kids our ‘learners by doing’… the smile that radiates across their faces when they feel they are succeeding is worth every second on the road….

So hats off to Chateau des Engimes for taking a brave, maybe even unique, decision to redevelop the idea of a visit to a French Chateau…

Did our kids get the idea?

100% they did… they loved the variety of the riddles across the estate… all brilliantly laid out in clear ‘cartoon’ formats

What did they enjoy the most?

They loved the story behind the themed series of mazes, riddles, puzzles and practical tasks to solve. A story about pirates and treasure… with a twist!

Would we recommend it and return again?

Well for those that know our adventures, you’ll know we love the Charente Maritime and it’s amazing scenery and opportunities… Yes, we’ll certainly return to see the new theme next year (it rolls over each year) and we’d certainly recommend it to parents with similar views to our own…

     A brilliant shared experience where learning became fun!

TOP TIP – For those families who love a real adventure… there’s even a special treehouse that you can stay in overnight if you get your booking in enough time…

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