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Rediscovering Haute Provence and Napoleons Route…

Rediscovering Haute Provence and Napoleons Route…

A wise man we once knew in La Marina, once said… “You’ve got to visit the Gorde de Verdon”… it’s stunning!! So we knew we could get close, perhaps not quite into it, but close enough if we took the Napoleon Route towards Cannes… the cyclists love this route and its easy to see why… maybe one day we’ll come back to do this on two wheels not four!!

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So through villages such as Serres with it’s mighty, imposing castle onto Sisteron, before heading up the various Cols (Col de Leunve)… perhaps not as white as some of the others we had travelled but all with spectacular routes and accompanying signs for snow chains (not needed, but safely now stowed in the motorhome garage!!)

As we headed into Haute Provence, the temperature shot up, to almost 12 degrees!!! so much so that Libby has decided shorts are the order of the day for tomorrow!!! Spring has sprung!!!


As Castellane rose into view as we descended yet another Col de Valferriere) , the views were jaw dropping, how on earth did their build a church there…. and why did they do it in the first place!!! Leaving perhaps the best climb to the last (Cole de la Faye), with near vertical drops as the soil gave way to craggy rocks and arches galore!!! It was almost lunar in its appearance!!!


HHaving crested this and been treated to a wonderfully setting sun over Cannes and the rest of the Mediterranean Sea, there was nothing left but to join the crowds of people enjoying their Saturday night in Cannes… Just maybe, we might get to pause for breath tomorrow especially now we have returned to the land of internet!!!! I think the girls might just have learnt some R&R even if they are wearing their shorts to do so!!!



so where did we park the bus for the night?

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