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Monaco/Monte Carlo – Playgrounds of the Rich & Famous…. Cote d’Azur through to Italy

Monaco/Monte Carlo – Playgrounds of the Rich & Famous…. Cote d’Azur through to Italy

If you want a coastal road trip to really excite you? See how the rich and famous live? Or perhaps you want to drive a grand prix circuit…. then Monaco’s the place for you!!!

As we left Cannes, we headed north east towards Nice on the coastal roads through the various smaller villages perched on the cliffs… views to die for as we headed around each and every corner… small islands in sparkling blue azure seas…. just the perfect Spring day to explore these wonderful ‘corniches’

Having grabbed a copy of the Lonely Planert ‘Discover’ series, we knew exactly the route we wanted to take (see our scribble map on the front page of the site if you want to see exactly where we drove)….

Multiple hairpins bends followed that would make even an experienced motorhomes think twice!!! Followed by coastal roads with sheer drops on one side and vertigo inducing cliffs on the other side….


Add to that the chance to see seaplanes making a sea landing (a first for both girls) on their break for lunch…. great experiences!

Then onwards into Moncao…. with its glittering array of glass lined skyscrapers perched precipitously on cliff edges overlooking a marina that positively exuded class…. add the supercars vying and jostling for position as we entered the grand prix circuit… it seemed almost surreal…

As Monaco’s tunnels veered left then right, we soon realised that a motorhome was perhaps never going to make the starting grid, so we headed upwards towards the sumptuous surroundings of Monte Carlo and its sprawling country club…. once passed it was up into the hills a chance to look back on a glowing sunset over the truly breath taking Monaco and its surroundings.

One to remember….

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