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Motorhoming in France | Visiting Honfleur’s Historic Harbourside at Night

Motorhoming in France | Visiting Honfleur’s Historic Harbourside at Night

Having visited Honfleur recently in the daytime… we were treated to a fusion of Copenhagen’s Nyhavn, Norway’s Bergen and Belgium’s waterfront medieval city of Bruges.. yet Honfleur is utterly magical at night! Just one of over 65+ first hand motorhoming experiences from across France

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The atmosphere and gentle ambience was perfect for a family stroll past the illuminated Ferris Wheel and into the harbourside eateries that surround this pretty Normandy town. Set alongside the impressive ‘Pont de Normandie’,this Norman port will be forever associated with the Impressionists (another art period (like the Renaissance) that we are hoping the girls will draw some inspiration from during their journey across Europe). Yet it’s ‘Vieux Basin’ is worthy of a mention when drawing up a list of harbourside towns across Europe.
N​ow I’m unsure who wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel the most… was it the grandparents or our girls… but suffice to say, we stopped and enjoyed a thrilling sunset ride as we watched the shadows slowly creep over the harbourside… a truly beautiful site as the Pont de Normandie faded from view..

With the perfectly situated ‘motorhome aire‘ just a few hundred metres down the portside, it really is a great place to start your mini adventure into France… for more ideas, why not grab a few minutes to look at our mini country guide for France – here

F​amed for its amazing light, coastal scenery and the ever changing Seine river.. it’s inspired painters and novelists for centuries… rising in prominence to become the key place to be spotted in 18th Century.. Just don’t miss the Boulevard Charles V or the maritime church or bells of Sainte Catherine… or just pick a spot and enjoy some wonderful Calvados alongside the harbour in one of the many eateries…

Every region should have Something special

As both girls danced back to our motorhome over the cobbled streets, past the half timbered buildings… it’s easy to imagine the hustle and bustle of this port as sailors sets sail for the very first time to Canada some 400 years ago…Mr de Champlain’s voyage of discovery in 1605 led the path to a strong link with Canada which we hope to discover more about when we visit the Juno Beach Centre (part of the D-Day landings by Canadian troops)


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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