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Motorhoming in France | Try the Spectacular DN7 and D1098 routes to Cannes if you get the chance

Motorhoming in France | Try the Spectacular DN7 and D1098 routes to Cannes if you get the chance

What to do on Mothering Sunday… when you live in a van!!! Well, what better than a day at and about in Cannes… surely that racks up the brownie points!!!With a picnic readied in the back of the motorhome, we set off towards St Tropez on the stunning coastal drive on the D1098…

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Sadly everyone else in the region had obviously had the same thought… especially those with 500cc bikes!!! Unbelievable amount of near misses caused by drivers who clearly believed they were driving in the UK…  It was something to behold!!! Clifftop roads with views that would make anyone’s heart leap with joy! It’s a drivers paradise!
With stunning azure blue water below, cliffs with vertical drops and the stunning rock formations matching the ‘red ochre’ clay buildings that symbolise this region… we were in heaven.. Both girls had summer dresses or shorts on due to the near summer temperatures!!

With little on the horizon due to the serious traffic, we headed inland towards the national Parc and we weren’t disappointed… Total change from cliffs/sea this was much more forest and mountains… yet another Col and a chance to test the pulling power of the Adria before we reached the pinnacle and admitted the views!!

Catherine was by now ready to be ‘wined/dined’ so we headed back to the campsite and a chance to cook a pasta based dish with olives, wine and herb infused beef… followed by some local delicacies from the local boulangerie…Wonderful day and we even grabbed a chance to do some housework… the van positively shimmers!!!

PS – Call the Midwife beckons via IPlayer tonight before we head east towards Monaco in the morning….


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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