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Old Town Dubrovnik…. stunning place!!!

Old Town Dubrovnik…. stunning place!!!

After watching the clips of Dubrovnik being bombed heavily in the early 90’s, this was always going to be a visit that resonated with us… but we simply did not comprehend just how much regeneration had been undertaken courtesy of EU/UNESCO grants…

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This city now rates as one of our absolute highlights, due to both it’s natural beauty but also for the spirit that is so evident amongst all its inhabitants… sheer pride in being Croatian and living in Dubrovnik… its contagious, and we are now fully under it’s charm…

Perhaps its the location amongst numerous archipelago islands that provide a stunning change of colour from the azure blue seas, or perhaps the presence of a deep water dock in the most natural and welcoming harbours… accommodating even the biggest of cruise ships..

Maybe the range of dialects spoken but the familiar twang of British accents and language that echoes around the city…. or perhaps that stone!!! that white stone that reflects the glorious spring sunshine…

But surpassing all that, is the ancient walled city, a truly breath taking collection of steep streets, bell ringing churches and squares with mouthwatering local cuisine… allied to that the crystal clear harbour and the near impregnable city walls….

Its famous monasteries (especially the Dominican), the Cathedral Treasury and the Place Gates are real treasures but so is the Fort of St John… all tried today and well worth  a return visit…

With Libby’s birthday looming tomorrow, we have booked a 3 island tour…. so a full day on a boat beckons tomorrow… we all can’t wait… but perhaps none more so than the excited 7yr old who is busy snoring at the back of our motorhome as this is typed…


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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