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Dragging ourselves away from Dubrovnik… great last day visiting Fort Loverijenac

Dragging ourselves away from Dubrovnik… great last day visiting Fort Loverijenac

“… a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Thankfully, both girls minds and appetites have been well and truly waited after our stay in Dubrovnik… so it was fitting that we left perhaps the best to last… a chance to walk along the deck of the Kings Landing and to take that flight of stairs to enter the Red Fort… or to those in the real world the imposing Fort Loverijenac….

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Both girls had clearly been listening to Marko (Dubrovnik Walks guide) and were regaling us with tales of how the fort was created, why one particular set of walls were thicker (some 6-10m!) and how the fort had never been taken in its entire history.. yet could be easily broken if the enemy had only known (the side nearest the city is only 60cm thick to allow re-entry if required!!)


The setting around the Pile harbour is one of those that is easy on the eye, not to bad underfoot and well worth a trip down to… although the steps to the fort are steep yet include some vertiginous views… It was certainly easy to imagine being within the Game of Thrones scene as Sansa Stark watches the ships passing by the fictitious ‘Blackwater Bay’..


The climb up was worth every step as the triangular fort with its 10 cannons is easy to spend at least 2-3hrs within… with fantastic 360degree views from every angle!! But with the lure of ice creams sitting on the drawbridge at Pile gate, we regretfully descended the fort and enjoyed a well earned ice cream in the warm spring sunshine..


Perhaps the best part of the day was the opportunity to spend more time with Bogdan, our new friend who owns the newly created Dubrovnik Escape Room. A fellow travel blogger who had numerous stories to share, his fantastic insights will serve us well for future projects and challenges… it really was a great couple of hours and just shows how important it is to meet new people… both girls talked excitedly about the chat all the way home (#future bloggers!!!)


Fort Loverijenac

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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