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A 3 Island Cruise around Dubrovnik…. Lopud, Sipan & Kolocep

A 3 Island Cruise around Dubrovnik…. Lopud, Sipan & Kolocep

Sometimes you visit the supermarket at the end of the day to snaffle some bargains, and so it proved as we left the old town at Dubrovnik last night… bagging a trip to 3 islands off Dubrovnik for Libby’s birthday treat…

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And how we were treated today!!!! A blisteringly hot day with azure blue seas, pine forested islands with white limestone crags…. great company thanks to the wonderful fellow tourists… and best of all a private beach for Libby to feel uber-special…

The smile has not faded from her face all day, and grew even wider once she befriended a lovely girl on the boat, this soon became a firm friendship which led to much mischief and laughter…. as too did Lottie who soon linked up with yet another lovely young lady…leading to them nabbing the GoPro for some cheeky selfies!!!

The islands of Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep are no more than 1hr away from the centre of Dubrovnik, but you could have been forgiven for thinking we had ventured further afield… perhaps even to to the Caribbean.. such was the quality of the water with fish swimming within our legs on the plentiful supply of beaches on each island…
With a pine forest to travel through to gain entry to the first deserted beach on Lopud, Libby was in raptures… her very own private piece of paradise… but this was soon trumped by a wonderful seafood meal served in typical Croatian style with copious amount of local grog at Sipan!!! Both Lopud and Sipan can lay claim to some phenomenal medieval architecture, with Lopud’s Franscian monastery perhaps the pick from all 3 islands… yet Sipan’s Skocibuha’s castle may wish to dispute this claim…
So with both girls ‘buddied up’, we headed for the 3rd island (Kolocep) and a chance for us to relax and grab some time in the wonderfully clear water…. a real pleasure on such a hot day… Kolocep is famed for its fishermen, cereal and pine forests yet it is perhaps better known for its filing heritage and it’s local carob brandy (a delight when served chilled as an aperitif)


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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