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Motorhoming in Norway | Geirangerfjord …. deservedly a UNESCO site!!!

Having seen much of what Europe now has to offer, but we reckon there simply can’t be many better natural views than Geirangerfjord in late Spring / early Summer… A green carpeted valley stretching out to the glacial blue fjord…. all overlooked by imperious snow capped peaks that surround this stunning UNESCO heritage site. A true European highlight…

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Following the gloriously wild National Tourist route to Geirangerfjord, we passed rivers in full flow with white water that matched anything we have seen in Norway. Past icy lakes complete with full icebergs or mountain passes followed by tight hairpin bends from Dalsnibba to Geirangerfjord. With views at every corner it was a truly breathtaking journey that we’d highly recommend!! Sheer natural beauty that quite simply takes you breath away and can be viewed from any number of brilliant viewpoints….….. the perfect recipe for some rest and relaxation!!


Yet we weren’t prepared for the eventual sight of Geirangerfjord from Flydalsjuvet . With deep glacial valleys and impressive waterfalls along the fjord’s edge, it really does lend itself to a cruise down the fjord. So we duly hopped onto the MS Geirangerfjord with Geiranger fjord service. The guided 1.5hr journey takes you past the most famous waterfalls, including the Seven Sisters, the Suitor and the Bridal Veil. Each subtly different but all impressively over 200m drops with a unique swirling mist that surrounded each.


With a well edited audio guide describing the various physical landscapes, it also pauses to reflect on some of the human stories that surround you… the deserted farmhouses, the unique myths/legends that have been told for generations (most notably the devil’s crevasse which sees no sunlight due to its depth!)


Every region should have Something truly special

Add in some fantastic Norwegian waffles made by the onboard cook…. it was a fabulous afternoon we won’t forget in a hurry. If only we could have stayed longer, we would have loved to taken up further opportunities to see more of this impressive fjord created by successive ice ages or just spent time in the wonderful old fjord side town. There was so much to do here and a perfectly located campsite beside the edge of the fjord…. Sheer bliss!


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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