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Ranch Style Horse riding at Kvistli in Norway

I’m sure it is in young girl’s genes to love horses and ours are no exception… they have loved horses since they were exposed to them with local riding schools for special treats…So as we’re taking ourselves across Norway in our motorhome… why not try horse riding through the mountainous beauty surrounding Kvistli Ranch.

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Since we’ve been away this has grown into something of a passion for both girls who have read every single Pippa Funnell’s excellent series of  horse books from cover to cover (in fact some more than once!). But who’d have thought we could find somewhere in such an idyllic setting amongst snow topped mountains and pine forests….. the perfect recipe for some fun and relaxation!!


So we have relented and given into the pressure allowing this to become a ‘must see’ trip for every country visited …. so earlier in the year both Wales & Scotland have both offered opportunities…much to the girl’s delight. As too have chances in Hampshire with girls seeing a local hunt in Romsey…


Horse Riding offers many challenges to the inexperienced riders, but both Catherine and I felt safe throughout the family ride experience…. in fact the horses were that good, that we’ve convinced ourselves that we are ‘naturals’ and have missed our calling in life!!!


Every riding experience should have Something special

But we’ve been spoiled rotten at Kvistli today, a ranch style resort north of Lillehammer. After following the Highway 27through some amazing mountain scenery,we arrived to the site of numerous horses welcoming us to their home! Anne Ma and Astrid were there to offer a warm welcome and the girls immediately relaxed into their surroundings… full of tack, saddles, horses and the occasional friendly dog! Not to mention the 85 fantastic Icelandic horses here!!



Once we’d collected our steeds for the day from their paddocks (Svas, Freysting, Fela & Odda), the girls set to the task of cleaning the horses from top to toe…. a stiff brushing, followed by the cleaning of hooves… nothing was too much for the girls who relished in the added responsibility…


AOnce suited and booted, we headed out for an evening hack along some stunningly scenic forest and mountain trails… all without the aid of a rope including some pretty steep inclines and descents… both girls were in their element and the sound of pure, uncontrolled laughter was worth every mile travelled to enjoy this family experience…

With the girls growing in confidence, it seemed right to expand our experience so a trot soon became a gentle canter and we were off…. through small graded glens to wide open forest paths… a truly spectacular end to a busy day…

On arrival back at the ranch, both girls relished the chance to clean their horses, put away the tack and even muck out the stables… proper little stable hands!!! With tired bodies almost ready for bed, we piled back into the motorhome close to the centre of the stables and quickly got ready for bed to the sound of neighing horses and the occasional snores from two very contented young ladies!!! A great family experience!!!



so where did we park the bus for the night?

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