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Loch Ness – 24hrs of Ponies, Nessie and Sledging…

Loch Ness – 24hrs of Ponies, Nessie and Sledging…

 Despite the mad dash from the Isle of Skye last night, the night passed without incident in a fantastic campsite attached to the Highland Riding Centre… having been welcomed last night, it seemed a great idea to spend more time there this morning…

So when Becki rang to confirm we could get the girls a ride… well to say the motorhome bounced would be no exaggeration!! So once breakfast was wolfed  down (bagels today…. cinnamon&raisin of course!) the girls bolted out to the stables and onto their chosen ponies of Fidget & Fungus…

 Under the careful eye of Catherine, we headed out for a lead ride into the woods across the valley. A genuinely fresh but beautiful start to the day which really started the day with a bang! Once the girls had been prised away from the ponies… we substituted the ponies for sledges and snowboards… much fun, giggling, snowball fights later, we headed back to the Adria and onto Loch Ness.

Loch Ness

We headed into the Loch Ness visitor centre with a fair amount of trepidation, but we were really impressed with the moderate approach to the cinema-esque presentations. Both informative and educational it posed the question ‘Do you believe it is true?’ but in a scientific and measured way…. Really good and well worth  visit, especially for girls our age.

Following the chance for a quick lunch whilst Nessie spotting… we headed into Inverness. After a brief visit to GoOutdoors for more clothes and a new ‘Stingray’ sledge, we headed northwards again to the Brahan Estate. A beautiful 4,000 acre estate on the road to Ullapool…. all paths point north tomorrow as we head to the northern coastline of Scotland. Spare a thought for us tonight though, its supposed to be heading towards another -10degrees (this time with no electricity!!!)

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