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Get the kids, its time for a SUP adventure on Ile de Re in France…

Have you considered a SUP paddleboard adventure in France? Ever fancied educating your kids whilst journeying around Europe… well we’ve taken the plunge and are enjoying every minute…Especially with experiences like this one on Ile de Re on the west coast of France. A learning Ed-Venture on the wildlife and salt marshes conservation. It’s a gem of a family experience not to be missed….

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Across our journey, we’ve also discovered that local guides make this learning so much easier… perhaps as it’s coming from someone new, maybe as they know more than we do on this region or just cos they’re so much ‘cooler’ than their parents…. well Jordane & Charles from SUPevasion certainly match all 3 of these!!!


The idea of this guided tour really motivated us… a chance to appreciate the unique ecosystem that provide Ile de Re with one of it’s most famous export – sea salt! But also to understand how these ecosystems were created, evolved and are currently protected for future generations to enjoy… Sustainable tourism is an absolute ‘must’ in our opinion and we’re delighted that Ile de Re appears to think so too….


All viewed from the ‘best seat’ in the house with 360° views of the marshlands… our SUP guide Charles seemed in his element, pointing out birds ranging from egrets to buzzards… foraging for edible food from in and out of the water… from describing the ‘fleur de sel‘ and how it is harvested… all whilst desperately balancing on the brilliant Lokahi paddle boards… But i guess the real question is…… how many times did we fall in??? Who fell in the most??? and did we have fun???? I guess you just have to see the smiles on the girls faces to answer part of that and perhaps the picture to the right might just tell you who fell in the most!!!
Despite the dunking  it was great family fun and we hope this might inspire you to visit and  create your own special family memory… whilst  also learning something truly important at the same time.

ile de re

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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