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Exploring Dubrovnik with a Family: Time to go Sea Kayaking!

Ever considered Sea Kayaking? If you’re exploring Dubrovnik with a Family soon, maybe it’s time to give Sea Kayaking a go? We’re hoping we can reassure you that it’s suitable for those with and without previous sea kayaking experience. So imagine seeing Dubrovnik’s Walls on those crystal clear waters or visiting those secret places only accessible by sea kayak…. a real family adventure! And if all that doesn’t convince you, then why not check out our short video below (in partnership with drone videographers ‘Aussies on Tour‘)

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Thankfully, we’d already tried this amazing experience last year (see here) and it’s firmly in our ‘Top 10 Highlights across Europe‘ so far…. but it wouldn’t have been possible without those great guys at ‘X-Adventures Sea Kayaking‘… nothing was too much trouble and when you launch your kayaks from here at the Kings Landing from Game of Thrones… you know you’re going to be in for a great experience
If you’ve missed our last few posts on Dubrovnik you can find them all using the button below as we’ve tried to take every opportunity to enjoy this stunning walled city… trying Escape Rooms, City Walls Tours, Island Cruises…

So what makes the Sea Kayaking so special in Dubrovnik? How does it to compare to Kayaking the Dordogne or Exploring a Norwegian Fjord by kayak? Well for starters, we’ve not gifted a camera to the sea gods like in Norway (so the waves can’t be too bad)…. and the kayaks are pretty comfy unlike some we tried in France… but perhaps it’s just that scintillatingly clear water that you glide through as you past the historic landmarks of the city.

But this time was a little different from last year’s Dubrovnik Kayaking Adventure…. it’s true the girls are a year older and stronger and that we’re more experienced than we were last year… but this year saw our adventures captured by ‘drone footage’…. a first for LifeinourVan as our family adventures are normally only recorded on our trusty, well worn Go-Pro

We’re lucky to have run into some fantastic videographers from Australia, who are not only great at their job, but are also great fun to be around… plus we’ve loved spending more time with the Banks family who also enjoyed the experience with us…

So how long does it take? Well it took us over 1hr30mins to get there after a little time playing with the drone footage, getting acquainted with the kayaks and getting our safety briefings….

Was all the kit provided? Absolutely, even a packed lunch was provided to eat at our destination on the island of Lokrum 


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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